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winge time - my wrist

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B00 | 13:22 Thu 16th Aug 2007 | Body & Soul
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I went to the doc's this morning and he gave me a sick note for....wait for it.....8 weeks!!!

I then went into work and gave my boss the above mentioned sick note, and he pulled a face that quite frankly looked like a cat's bum :-(

And to top it all off, I've just had a call from my doc to say that they've booked me into the fracture clinic tomorrow ( i broke my wrist whilst on holiday, so didn't attend my local hospital) for the specialist to have a look, and if he's not happy with it, they might have to 'pin' my arm. Which I think is those metal rod thingys through ya limb, I didn't ask him to clarify as I went slightly queasy.

So I think that I more than deserve a large tray of fondant/french fancies delivered to my doorstep pronto to cheer me up.

Hop to it!


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will these do B00??? ry-cakes-workshop.jpg

hope its not as bad as they think
Question Author
corrr those look ace red!!! Almost too nice to scoff, but I'll persevere.

And me too red as i'm frankly pooping it, if they suggest pinning it i know i'll faint :-(

I am not convinced you could manage to type on AB and eat fondant fancies with just the one available hand. Best off we just share them amongst us and say things like �aw, poor you� and �give it a rest� and �mmmph, these are lovely, thanks�.
sometimes medicine has to be endured. Force yourself to eat them if you can!

I think Id faint too if you have to have it pinned!
Question Author
No no no Octavius, i'm a trooper, I'd struggle to eat 'em, but i'll manage. Thankyou for the offer though, you're a brick ;-)

Not a massive booze drinker cazzz, can you drink whilst on painkillers? I'd happily let you lot have those whilst I sit in the corner with the cakes though, how's that?

Here's some more for you, BOO f1032_edited.jpg

Can you eat with your toes?
Question Author
Them's the beauties Pippa, though i'm rather suspicious of that bottom pink one, it's lost it's white 'drizzly' icing bit, Octavius hasn't been licking it has he?

that sounded slightly pervy and i'm not altogether sure why
Sorry that was me.

I am suspicious of the one on the bottom left. Doesn't look like icing to me.

*eeeek* f1039_edited.jpg

Can I have the yellow ones please?

When I was little (at 8' 6" tall i'm considered huge now) I fractured my wrist and they plastered me right up to my armpit. It was ridiculous! Still, it was great having slaves running around after me. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Would you like me to feed you the pink cakes?
One of those yellow ones looks like it has been licked too.

Did you already make a start, Champers?
Hi B00

Sorry to hear your woes :o(
Hope it doesn't have to be pinned. I think it's great how you manage to keep your sense of humor through it all, I would drop at the first hurdle where you can't have alcohol because of the painkillers!!!!!

Good luck at the clinic tomorrow :o)
I'm not going to feel sorry for you after how mean you were about my captivity.... I refuse....

Oh go on then. I left you a box of fancies over there >>>
and i left you a bigger box of fancies over here......
Poor boo :O(

At least can you spend al the time in th world on here now instead!

Is your boss going to be ok with you?

Question Author
lol, cheers guys. Is it quite sad of me to admit that your kind messages have cheered me up slightly? Yes? Oh, I won't bother saying it then, lol.

Hi Boo - you have my full sympathy! I had an operation on my right hand at the end of July. Was told i'd need a few days off work after it. The operation didn't quite go as planned, i'm still off work and will be until I return to the hospital in mid September. I'm a real workaholic so I'm finding it quite difficult to fill my time.
Question Author
oh 'eck efc- hope yours improves soon, you don't realise exactly how many things you do with both hands until you're reduced to only one of them do you?

I'm finding it difficult to do everything around the house and with a 2nhalf year old who doesn't understand why you can't/won't swing her round the living room like a gibbon anymore, life's a nightmare!! Today for example is her nursery day (usually work Thursdays) and I sent her without socks on as i simply couldn't put them on her- lol.

So here's to both our arms-may they improve and quickly!!!

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winge time - my wrist

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