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True Blue 36 | 14:25 Thu 05th Jul 2007 | Body & Soul
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why is it that the older generation seems to be so set in their ways. Just been on a thread and i find it really funny that people are not open to new suggestions. My father in law is the same - what he believes is the way it is.
Is it that the older generation is not open to new views or that with age comes stubborness?


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Hello True Blue.

I believe it's the older generation, as my father is very stubborn. He can be so narrow minded sometimes.

Younger people are usually very open minded about things now.

Sorry, I can't actually answer your question about why this happens.

maybe he should take a leaf out of my book and wear some uniforms
how old are you?
and how old is old??

maybe set in ways or maybe they know better?

dont ask me im too old to remember the answer lol
Excuse me, could you define "the older generation" as I think I may be one of them. I have grandchildren - do I qualify?
Do tell me what this thread is so I can see if I'm set in my ways.
I think when you are young it is your 'job' to question everything, test out opinions and thoughts but by the time you've got older you have 'decided' about certain things and no-one is going to change you mind.
I know what you mean my FIL is supposed to be an intelligent man and he comes out with some of the most STUPID statements I have ever heard.
Hmmm, you will never change me...
what fred was it flinstone
unless its to mrben6 perhaps ??
Question Author
i just find older MEN 60+ so adament that they know best and that what they say goes. Obviously that is not everyone but it is quiet a lot.
whether it be sport/politics/religion/life etc they just do not seem to be open to a discussion and no way would you be able to change their mind or their views on the matter.
how old are you tru blu??

im sure when you get opast 60 youre losing your grey cells rapidly.
many women over 60 do nothing but knit drink tea and smell of wee.

but not all i must add.
too right stubborn old farts

go back to your :werthers original and murray mints and fur lined slippers
Question Author
lol wuncho. I'm 36 so half way there - please don't make me narrow minded, i can honestly say i think i will still be open to change.
When i was 20 my mum & dad divorced and i chose to live with my mum, my dad could not believe this and through stubborness he has never spoke to me or my brother since - HOW STUPID IS THAT? He is now missing out on 2 beautiful grandchildren, all cos he thought he was right.
true blue what a stubborn old toad its his loss. dont mull it over in your head or you may become like him


lifes too short

maybe give him 1 more chance if not then leave him to his murry mints and manor house cake :)
Question Author
oh don't think i worry about that now - life is too short, it was 16 years ago now and i would only think he was doing it to see his grandchildren. Its just another example of how people let their views get in the way of life.
It has also made me a lot less stubborn and open to opionion, it doesn't take much to listen to someone, even if you don't agree respect their views
I feel much better now that I know it's MEN you mean.
I change my mind frequently and question my own judgement constantly - f''rinstance, I still can't decide on tomato soup or a pitta bread with salad for lunch.
Yes, as old as me and eating pitta bread! Not even invented when I was a gel!
Does that not mean I am open to new trends?
I've mastered a keyboard and AB haven't I? How "open" is that?
Leggie - thank goodness you added that footnote to your remark about old women or I would have been on the next 'plane to Tenerife with a very hot poker and an idea of where to put it.
I'm sure its men of 50plus. If you say something to diagree with my dad, he just says 'whatever darling' in this really slimy voice and it just makes me see red!
Btw - you still haven't told us what thread you were on that prompted this question.
Question Author
it must go back to caveman times when men (thought they) ruled the world. You do as i say, put up and shut up, it would be funny if it wasn't so tragic. Not once does it cross their mind that they might actually learn or like something different.
so back to my question - is it age and being set in your ways or just men being stubborn?
you don't even have to go back to cavemen times. what about if women were too intelligent or successful 300 years ago...burn them at the stake they must be witches!!!
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mammar it was doc spock on mediums/spiritulist. He just couldn't respect the fact that someone had lost their mum and was seeking advise and had to keep telling her that it was all a load of B****x. I totally respect Docs views and that is what he believes but don't upset someone else cos you THINK you are right.
Thats the point 'i believe' but i am OPEN to the fact that it might not be true.

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