Unsettled Bloated Stomach

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Blinky | 10:03 Thu 14th Jun 2007 | Body & Soul
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Hello everyone, was wondering if someone could give me some advice. I am a 24 year old female, i eat sensibly, drink plenty of water, could probably eat a bit more fruit and veg but anyway...My stomach continously feels unsettled and bloated. It's more unsettled for the first 2 or 3 hours when i wake up and slowly gets more bloated throughout the day.
It is worse if i eat bread and starchy foods, so i'm wondering if i might have an allergy? There must be other people on here that probably experience this as well so any advice would be very welcoming.


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Yeast maybe? Lots of people have problems with live foods.

Coeliac maybe?

You might have a problem with starchy foods. Try a low glycaemic diet. Eat sweet potatoes instead of normal spuds. Brown rice and pasta etc instead of white flower. Oh and always use unrefined sugar.
Try those pro biotic drinks,
I was so bad that doc told me to have 2 day for 2 weeks,
He told me Yalkolt was the best one around.
Anyway after 2 week horay no more bloating......
It really does work but you have to have them daily for the 2 weeks, after which it rebalances the good and bad bacteria in the tummy.
Good luck with it.

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Thank you, i'll give those a try and i think i might check out the wheat free section in my supermarket, just to see if that makes any difference.
sounds like at wheat intolerance (or rather the gluten within the wheat) - thousands of people suffer with this, your local supermarket will do quite a bit of "free from" foods so why not cut wheat out completely and see how you feel after a month?
Also mind other products that have gluten in (like oats and some cerels etc)

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Unsettled Bloated Stomach

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