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The WORST thing EVER

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Supernick | 12:48 Wed 11th Apr 2007 | Body & Soul
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Something unbelievable had happened to me, and there is no-one I can tell. It might give some people a few cheap laughs though on a slow Wednesday.

To give you a setting, I'm in a busy office at work. I just popped into the only gents toilet that we have, containing 2 urinals and a cubicle. One of the urinals was busy, so I stepped into the cubicle, thinking that as well as having a p1ss I could also free up my boxers that were bunched rather uncomfortably around my upper thighs. So i pulled my trousers down, and smoothed them out. Then I started having a **** (with trousers round ankles which is an odd thing in itself), and as I was doing it, I started looking around and reading the back of an air feshner.
Suddenly, the awful thing happened. I realised that rather than p1ssing into the toilet, I had managed to somehow catch a bit of my boxers that were standing out a bit. I had been urinating for quite a while, and it was only when they were saturated that I noticed because my leg suddenly became wet. Worse, most of the p1ss had accumulated in my trousers which are still bunched around my ankles. I really have no idea how I couldn't have noticed this, but i'm now in a situation where my trousers and boxers are soaked.
Panicking, I tried drying them off with toilet paper, and flapping my trousers around, but I used so much paper, that I've blocked the toilet, and the flush has left it dangerously close to 'overflow'.
I emerged 15 minutes after going in with a blocked toilet and trousers still soaking wet. This is the worst day ever.


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not sure if it was just me that replaced the **** word with w%nk....?
Well all I can say is whatever you do, dont go to the loo on Friday as its the 13th, Im guessing anything could happen!
lol nat- I did that as well!
-- answer removed --
Thank god i'm a woman , that's all I can say. There's a lot to be said for sitting down to pee !
never mind...I have had a real bad cough & was coughing sooooo hard on the plane last week ...I trickled. made a quick dash to the loo...& now am minus a pair. fortunatley I had jeans on. :0)
If anyone notices...just tell them the truth they prob think youare joking !
I bet your glad you didn't need a poo
Great minds think a like.....

liquidspace... glad i wasn't the only one!!
Question Author
I can assure you that it was p1ss not w4nk. Should have forseen that. ;-)

I'm going to lunch shortly to have a long walk and give them and airing. I might have to stop off and try to get some Febreeze or something, just in case the trouses start to whiff a bit. this is nothing short of a disaster.
Eeeew... So are you now walking around the office with steaming trousers and stinking of wee?


For some strange reason I don't believe you. I think this is a made up story Supes.
just poor a bit of pepsi or something to blend it in... then you can always excuse it for spliing a drink rather than pi$$ing on yourself...?
Question Author
I try not to make up stories in which I look like quite as much of a moron Champs...

They're not 'soaking' per se, but they're definitely damp.
Hi Supernick!

God how awful for you!!! If your worried about the smell might be a good idea to go and buy a replacement pair in your lunch break and nip to the public toilets and have a change! Stinking of febreeze and having a stain on your trousers might be a bit of a giveaway!
Question Author
They're black trousers, so the only stain is while they're still damp, but it's been kept under wraps at the moment.

The blocked toilet is of moderate embarrassment, but in the grand scheme of things, if I can get away with people just thinking that I've had an epic dump, then I'll consider that a success.
If it was me I would have been so mortified that I would have made my excuses to go home and change, or go to the shops and buy a new pairs of trousers! I just couldn't walk around in my own p!ss. Wet or dry.

ROFLMFAO! Poor you, Supernick!

This sounds just like something that would happen to me (if I could widdle standing up, of course!). I'm the unluckiest person I know.

It's really gonna stink, though, so make sure you're the first to ask others in the office if they can smell anything 'odd'... :o)
Is it just me, or can anyone else smell wee?
I p1ssed myself a bit last year when I was steaming one night! I was outside and was trying to make it round a corner to do it out of the way of the cops as there was a fire along the street and police and firemen everywhere and I never quite got it out in time, luckily it was only my boxers that got it so I just finished up and dumped them in a bin and went commando the rest of the night!
2 weeks later I had to loose another pair, this time due to a shart, that would have made a complete mess of everything had I not had the good fortune to be standing havig a waz at the time and luckily the unexpected escape could be halted long enough to allow me to sit down and it only affected the boxers this time too! Needless to say I didn't go through and announce it straight away, rather I waited a week and told them once I knew the offending bin bag had been thrown out!
Why does the word 'shart' make me laugh like an idiot?! :o)

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