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Doing your bit.....

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wiggal | 17:34 Sun 25th Mar 2007 | Body & Soul
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Have you ever done your bit and helped catch a criminal?
i did once, and was told after by my friends that i was out of order!
Few years back, i was about 15/16, we were playing manhunt in a car park (as you do as teenagers!) It was dark and in the evening, and we saw a man stumble out of the stair well, he crawled on his hands and knees to his car, then instead of reversing out of the space, he drove forwards into a wall(this was about the 5th floor of the car park).
He then reversed into another car and tried to drive off, only as he got to the end and tried to turn, he turned to late and scraped all his car on the barrier!
I phoned the police as soon as we had seen him coming out the stair well drunk, and gave them the car make & reg, they then got out a helicopter, and found him, only he was parked outside his house passed out over the steering well!
He was taken in, and the next morning breathilsed and was still 3 times over the drink driving limit.
I was rather happy with myself, even though my mates gave me hell for it! :(
Any one else done something to help get someone locked away when they deserved it?


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i had a similar situation, though my friend was like a mad woman, standing in front of the car so he couldn't drive away.

he backed up like a mad man and smashed into a car in the car park that me and my friend were standing right beside and could have been hurt.
he clearly just sat there hoping we would eventually leave, so he could carry on, but we didn't.
if he couldn't even make his make out of the carpark i was bu99ered if i was going to let him try his luck on the road.
we called the police, found the owner of the car he'd hit etc etc
gave statments and it turned out this bloke had in his pocket a really elaborate knife - you know, lots of curly metal and serrated bit etc.
he looked like a business man.

i think you have some odd friends if they think that is bad - they would soon change their tune if a drunk driver hit their car or worse them or one of their family.
Nope not once - i have witnessed a fight before which was scary (drunks) and people bein headbutted but i've never once in my life even spoken to a police officer!
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I know longer speak to any of the people i knew back then, they were saying i was out of order getting a bloke locked up! What did they want me to do?
I must say i wasnt brave enough to stand infront of the car, he never even saw us when he was crawling through the car park, i doubt he would of seen us when he was driving towards us!
Luckily i didnt have to go to court as he pleaded guilty, with witnesses and still being so over the limit the next day, he would of been insane to plead anything else!
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My sister also once, when i was alot younger, looked out our front room window, and saw a group of her own mates opening & stealing a bike from next doors garage :(
She did have to go to court about it, luckily the bike was found near our house.
The next door neighbours had heard the sound of a garage door opening and thought it was ours, my mum & sister heard the noise & thought it was next door opening their garage!
My sister looked out only by chance and saw her friends (who were late teens at the time) taking the bike.
It was a very nasty time for her as you can imagine! She was only a teen herself!
I was driving just a few hundred yards from my house at about midnight when I say an indicator flashing in a field, I then saw a hole in the wooden fence, I stopped and ran over thinking it could have been a serious accident. I came across a friend of mine slumped over the steering wheel almost paralytic!! and the front of the car was in a dike. I phoned the police and he was banned for 12 months, He still doesn't speak to me!! lol
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Alot of people i have spoken to have said if it was a member of their family or a friend, they could never phone the police on them.
I think at the end of the day, they need to be reported f they are stupid enough to do it, then they need to face up to it!
Firstly i like to think non of my family are stupid or irresponsible enough to do any of that, and if it did happen, the rest of my family, no matter how hard it may be, would respect my decision to report it!
I sold a car once to a bloke who said he was gonna scrap it, next thing I hear it was spotted speeding away from a crime scene! Had to ID the bloke and he's not one of those you'd like to upset, his brief was there so knew I'd have fingered him. I told him I didn't want any come-back when I sold it as I knew he was a bit dodgy to say the least! Saw him a few months later and he bought me a pint, he knew I didn't have much choice - big relief!

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