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nicnicnic | 20:38 Tue 20th Feb 2007 | Body & Soul
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Has anyone ever dyed their hair brown after having it highlighted blonde? I've been having mine dyed blonde for two years now, and straightening it every day, so the ends are now really dry, but I want brown hair, and dont want to have to keep highlighting my hair. Anyone got experience of this? Will it still look shiny when its brown?


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Are you doing it yourself? I used to bleach mine then dye it brown and back and forth all the time. You need to make sure you get a brown with some level fo red in it. (otherwise you'll end up green) If you're paying to get it done it will be fine. It will defo be shiny and lovely go for it!
probably not, I'm not a hairdresser, but considering you've had bleach in your hair for the last 2 years, and straighten it every day, the chances are that dying it again will make your hair even worse condition wise. ask your hairdresser what they'd suggest, maybe think about using a natural dye, like henna. also, make sure you're using the right shampoo for your hair, and use serum on the ends of your hair every day to help with the dryness. may also turn ginger, so it's definately worth hearing from a hairdresser about it. you can have colour stripped, but I'd guess that because you've had bleach in your hair, this won't be possible as the bleach will have removed any colour that was in your hair in the first place.

hope this helps. Lou x
oh yes, I heard that if you're going from blonde to brown you have to dye it red first... or something! lol
thats right Loukr, you need to put the red pigment back into bleached hair because its been striped of its natural pigment and this is when it can turn a nice shade of green!
I'd have it done at the hairdressers for the first time to get a good base colour and then you can do it yourslf after!!
Hi,my friend had her hair highlighted for years and then one day put in a dark brown dye. It never went green or anything but what happened was the brown dye just literally slipped off her hair because it didn't have anything to make it stick to the hair as the highlights had stripped it of its natural coating. Her hair was nice and shiny when brown though. To be honest I don' t think anything drastic would happen to your hair if you dyed it. Good luck!
It can happen though thats the thing. I wouldnt advise it and i have been in the hairdressing trade on and off since i was 16! Im with slim shady on this one, get it done professionally the 1st time and then take it from there. Thats what i did!
Yeah Julie is right it does happen. you deffo need red in it and if you go to the hairdressers then they can mix up the exact colour you need. i used to be a hairdresser so have seen many home disasters!!

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Dyeing hair

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