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I like the new -Z- ...more daring.
i wasn't banned initially because he asked a fairly simple straightforward question.
perhaps insensitively word and provocative and he may have lied about other stuff, but the question was why has the first 4 letters of a country become and insult - quite legitimate if you ask me - i mean why has that happened?

he didn't start calling anyone names (at least not as far as i saw, perhaps he did later on if it reache d100)

he may have started to act like a prat and lied, but his initial statement was a misguided and misworded attempt to find out the answer - just remember he was 16!

at 16 we can't all be expected to know every little detail about life - that is what sites like this are for - to clarify things - and as i pointed out to him, regardless of the reason this has happened and no matter how silly it may seem, that word offends people because of the intention meant when it is said and he cannot just go round using it to prove a point about spelling and abbrieviations

like i said i don't think it warranted being banned at the beginning, l but i didn't see the whole thing.

this current trend of banning anything even remotely controversial or ambiguous is getting ridiculous!!!

unless someone is properly offensive and outrageous then they should be allowed to mention and question things without being leapt upon by the ab police!

i agree with joko just sounded like a ''normal'' post to me even tho it were in food and drink.

He also said he were posting on his sons AB name for all we no he might have been

I think he was attacked for no apparent reason to be honest!
joko in his other threads he is a normal sounding IT technician working in London, not 16 and not a cop. I have put the links in the previous page.

It is a self moderating site and that means if we are offended by something we can report it but it is up to the ed to remove it.
I don't see what's so wrong about banning people. I have a very limited window of time on AB during the evening. I don't have access at work and there are domestic issues where I live during the evening. So I make up for it by BANNING as much as I can in the short window of time available to me. I have reporte 16 answers tonight already

Stop whining, one day you will be proud to say "I was banned by Woofter"

Keep your eyes on the Court Lists in The Times.
Question Author
Woofter're great
lol woofter.

dotty, i realise he told lies - after being attacked - i mean his initial question seemed like a genuine post.
its a question that lots of young people would ask - like i said - why has it become an insult?
it makes no sense, and though we all know that its wrong, no-one knows why! well he was asking why.

i actually would like to know the answer!!
i am not offended by being called a brit, scots are not offended - in fact it is considered a correct term!
who first took the word away from the pakistanis and decided it was an insult? why would they take it as one?
that is what this site is about getting to the bottom of these confusing anomalies

i suspect it started off as just a term of description like scot, and brit etc and over time became used as one - as many say it is not the word itself that is offensive, it is the context in which it is used.

regardless of his lies - lots of people do it on here - he did not start off with a racist post.

(he also did not claim to be 16, that was an assumption we made based on the number on his ID and his terrible writing)

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