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Question Author
Obviously couldn't find the 'Racism & Bigotry' category ...

and a cop? ...c'mon
Hi Naz,
Don't think you going to let this one go. are you, however, I must agree, he/she does come accross as being racist, and as such, should be put into a re-education programme.
I call my shops the 'blue shop' and the 'green shop'
Question Author
Racists are entitled to an opinion ...but ignorant racists wind me up summat chronic.
If he's a policeman then im going to be the president of the Ward-minter fan club
Yes. It's really a Muppet Naz.
We've got 2 Asian shops. Everyone says "Im popping over to Raj's" and same for the other who is Valgee.
"Ello Ello Ello" JohnLambert:-))
hes clearly 16.

-- answer removed --
Oh my life!!!!!x
Question Author
Yeah John, and I'll be Vice-President ... Կ�
lol@ummmm2!!!ive started to find myself worrying about you!!!
caz....that doesn't faze me at all.....
One has a blue sign and one has a green sign....the sad thing is I know their
Its the way people say [email protected] like saying n!gger...its said in a derogatory manner.

The tone of the voice tends to be one of contempt.

It MAY be short for Pakistani but its the way the sayer says it that makes it sound bad.

Most Indians get called it aswell which annoys them coz they are bitter rivals.
-- answer removed --
Question Author
Zorro ..that was my point about the Indian reference in the other post ...
-- answer removed --

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