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David Bradley ...

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naz_nomad | 19:06 Mon 29th Jan 2007 | Body & Soul
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Can I  rest my case, Mr. minter?


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Is this a question, or are you just starved of attention?
I thought his name was David....
sorry I don't understand ;o(
Question Author
Lucifer ...if you posted ''Is this a question'', then my answer to you is yes

more info needed here naz
Question Author
Get off your PC's and go watch the news....
Can you explain what you mean though naz ?,,2-200632014 1,,00.html

This is the first link I found... I DO NOT read the Sun...

What is your point naz?
have a bbc one instead then 9.stm

i'm not really sure i know why you are making us all rad this story though... sad state of affairs indeed
I just seen that on the news.....waiting for the full story.

errrrr......still don't understand...or am I being dim?
there are many more evil users of this site than the wardy.....
I think I know the point naz is trying to make...

...makes him just as bad as 'Mr. Minter'...

...looks like 'handbags at dawn' lol :o)
what case?
a link to a news story is not a case...
I like ya nazzy, I really do, but having a dig at another user when they aren't here to defend themselves is pretty bloody low!
The problem is naz, minter was never a squaddie
im not really a duck
and i dont give a ****
lol bob, really ? you had me fooled :-))
lol...........i'm not really curly either
And I'm not a sparx!!!

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David Bradley ...

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