Right i nearly finished!!!

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notfrom-fiji | 15:32 Sun 07th Jan 2007 | Body & Soul
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all night and do you think i could get a background or sparkly stuff that the others do have!!!
all help much appreciated!!


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hahahahahahahahahahahahaha sorry LOL

Mine is still plane <<<(thats not the right spelling I know but cant think so what is thje correct spelling???????)

Have you figured how to add peeps yet??? If so add me x

PS I'm being really really naughty today *blush* I'm finishing off last nights whisky lol n 'topping up' so dont be surprise if I make no ruddy sense :-P
btw the point ofr my post was...but I forgot *blush again*
Never used it, but I'm guessing you need to upload a picture to use as a background image, then use HTML to display it.

I'm only going from my web design knowlegde though.
type mynicespace or pimpmyspace into google and threre are plenty on there

A xXx
hiyanotfrom fiji, there are a loads of myspace experts down there in technology that may be able to help you more. this section is for body and soul questions
Oh my God don't drink????? so all your manic typing really comes from tea???
Me thinks bednobs may need a polish :-(
go here

cut and paste the one you8 want and bingo,
hope this helps,.
Noway your from Birmingham small world!
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sorrt for not replieing to any of you earlier i just got in from the pictures went to see employee of the month

thank you for all you help i will put it in to action tommorrow(the longest tomorow ever!)

tea is VERY stimulating !! god knows whay id be like on anything else!!

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Right i nearly finished!!!

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