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Late Period-Repeated Negative Tests-Anyone else?

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Nicolawi | 15:52 Fri 08th Dec 2006 | Body & Soul
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Hi Everyone. Just wondering if anyone else has or is in the same boat as me-Im sorry for rambling-here goes....

Came off pill 3 months ago to try for a baby- Had normal periods as usual however i am 10days late this month, unusual as im never late and dont feel stressed or anything really.

Boobs feel horrendously sore and heavy, ive got occasional sharp pains above my hips and i just dont feel right.Have done 5 tests-all negative.

Fine that im obviously not pregnant so went to Doctors yesterday to see if its simply my hormones. However she says its not unusual to go this long having negative tests and then discover that you are pregnant after a week or two later but to basically play the waiting game and see what happens.

She's advised me to have a HCG pregnancy blood test next week (when im 2 weeks late) and see how it goes and if i dont come on next week go back. not too worried, and its got to the stage where i dont mind either way- i just want a period or a positive test and to not feel as odd as i do.

Im just wanting advice from someone who has been in this situation, and i suppose a small part of me wants to hear from someone thats had more negative tests than me and then a positive! :o)

(And before anyone says it i know there are other things that can make your period late but i really dont feel stressed or anything like that-well up until i missed my period i didnt anyway!



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Well i've been there. I'm actuallyaround 14 weeks pregnant. Missed my period took a test negative then 2 weeks late took another one negative again i was taking tests every week even went to the doctors twice which were both negative. Eventually 2 weeks ago test came back positive so i don't understand it myself i'd say be careful because even though the tests come back negative i believe u know better whats going on with your body i actually got told by my clinic to stop going because they were certain i wasn't pregnant i proved them wrong. No one can understand why it took so long to come back positive all i can say is i'm delighted but be careful don't stop taking tests until ur positive that u are not. Good luck x
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Aww thank ever so much I do feel a bit more reassured now. Its annoying me because i just dont feel me at all-Most of the time im quite lucky and never notice my periods are there so throbbing boobs and everything else just arent normal. We'll see... Oooh and Congratulations!

Anyone else??

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Late Period-Repeated Negative Tests-Anyone else?

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