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smurfchops | 10:34 Wed 29th Nov 2006 | Body & Soul
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Can someone please recommend a Good Hairdresser in the Tolworth, Surbiton, Kingston area, for cutting and colouring, not old fashioned or costing the earth either if possible! Also any makeup stands in Kingston, either Bentalls, John Lewis or Boots, where I can be made up and not look like I am still asleep, or overdone like a clown? Thanks all !


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Where does Whiffey live?
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ummm pardon?
Sorry....I was only messing

I had a dream and whiffey was a bald hairdresser...and in another one he had a Kevin Keegan perm.
Hey Smurf... been a while since I've been round that neck of the woods but there was a hair dressers I used to go to which was excellent... You know that little stall and market bit opposite the bentall centre? Right, walk through there and when you come to the main road turn right... I think it's just over the little bridge... course I am doing this purely off my memory of living there about 8 years a go....

Body shop in shopping centre used to do pretty good make overs but failing that the clinique stand in bentall centre was also fine... again, this is on an 8 year memory!
Saks in the Odeon complex (right by Kingston station) does excellent cut and colour.

As for make up stands, Estee Lauder in the Bentalls centre is always good.
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China Doll do you mean Kingston Bridge? Probably Hampton Wick, I know the area and Daisybabe, I haven't been in the new Odeon Complex but will have a look next time I go .. I have to brave it before Christmas ... !!
No... other way down. Kingston Bridge is the big one that always has road works isn't it. Just walk straight down (Bentall centre would be on your left), turn right at the bottom (opposite the burger king) and follow that road along. (I only used the market bit as I used to cut through there). There's a little bridge and you go over that. The hair dressers is on the left hand side of the road.... If it's still there! I really am going on memory here.... I used to get my hair done there when I was a student. They cleared up many a bad dye job!
Daniel Gordon 020 8549 3068
16 Thames Street, Kingston Upon Thames, KT1 1PE
Map & Directions

I am also pretty positive I used to use this one... Mainly because Daniel cut my hair as well as the place being called after him. (I'm about 99% sure that this is not the same as the one I just directed you to).

I used him after I left uni and again, he was very good.

But I'm still going back several years!

(Right, I really must get back on... hope I've helped in a little way, let me know if you use either of them and how it goes. Good luck xx)
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Thanks ChinaDoll I will keep you posted x
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Well for a cut and colour Daniel Gordon charges �98 and Saks is �107 so back to the drawing board - ridiculous - ... has anyone been to the new one in Tolworth called Code the Salon ?? Funny name, I know.

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Good Hairdresser and Makeup

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