Sudden dizzy spells - please help!!

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VenalWinfrey | 12:00 Tue 17th Oct 2006 | Body & Soul
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Dear all, I have just turned 28, am a reasonably fit male, do not smoke, drink regularly but not to excess (mostly red wine of an evening) and eat a fairly well balance diet. Over the last few months, and particularly the last two days I have been experiencing sudden sharp dizzy spells. I am working in an office and mostly sitting down, so it's not a problem, but I am really worried about this. My friend, a pharmacist, suggested it could be iron/vitamin B deficiency, so I have started taking tablets, but it does not seem to be helping yet. Does anyone have an idea what could be causing these suddent dizzy moments? I feel like, if I were standing up and one came on, I might fall over! They only last a second or less, but are becoming more regular. Am I not eating enough? If anyone has any help/advice on this I'd be very grateful... I guess of course the simplest thing would just be to go and see my GP, right?

Thanks anyway for reading.


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Oh what is that thing that you get when you have these it is to do with low blood pressure and lack of vitamin B12, have u had a blood test? a girl at work has to have these injections every 3 months for the condition but I can't remember what the name of it is.
A bit of a long shot, but maybe a current or recent viral infection ? Do you have any other symptoms, e.g muscular aches.

I had something similar a few months ago, thought I was going to keel over, vision going blurred, I thought I was seriously ill, but it stopped after a few weeks. Chatting around, I found that several of my friends had experienced the same thing.
It may be to do with low blood pressure but that usually affects you when you stand up suddenly. Nip along to the docs and see what they say
I think it sounds like you might have the beginnings of epilepsy.
I have had epilepsy since 1986 and know the signs. I am not a medical person.
Have a look at the site other
and see if you recognise any of the symptoms. If you do - get straight to your doc and get it checked out. If you are driving and have these spells you will find that your insurance will not cover you. It does sound a lot more than vitamin deficiency to me
Have you had your ears looked into? The balance mechanism is in the ears and ear infections cause this problem.
Venal, See your Gp. High or low blood pressure can cause dizzy spells. You may also be anaemic but you would need a blood test to see if you are. I suffer with Vertigo aka Labarynthitis,this makes me feel very dizzy. Im prescribed Stemetil by my GP.
could be blood pressure or a problem in your inner ear.Ear infectionsfor instance can cause dizzy spells.Best to see a doc though.
do you have any other symptoms, headaches or neck pain,
if not it is un likely to be any thing to serious
things always seem much worse when you are
worried, but as others have said it is a classic
symptom of a sudden drop in blood pressure.
but worth checking out because if it is anything to do with blood pressure, you may need medication.
I have dizzies loads, got menieres disease so have clinical vertigo (like going on The Big One after 20 pints) but lots of dizziness too. Mine happens when I am sitting or lain down too and got stemetil and various other things for it.

Very common with ear conditions.

Best to see your GP :)
If you get blood tests, check your hemoglobin levels. I was having dizzy spells, and anemia turned out to be the culprit - not enough oxygen in the blood. Easily mitigated by taking ferrous sulfate (iron) tablets. But from your description, it seems like you've tried this.

I second the low blood pressure as another possible cause. Get yourself a good blood workup, and try to take things easy until you learn more. Good luck!
I get these also, They happen as sudden as a split second nealy fall over and then there gone.

Iv been getting a sort of head acre feeling also, not one that really hurts, feels more like a slight stabbing sensation in the back of my head running up the centre.

I have had my eyes tested and I have been told that I need reading glasses, my eyes was 0.50 in both, but I do notice a strain when I stair at the computer for long periods.

I also get really bad heart palpatation's so with the dizzy spells and the palps at the same time I really do thing im about to take my last breath.

It is all very scary.

Im takeing an 300mg asprin and some vitamins each day.

its really getting me down.


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Sudden dizzy spells - please help!!

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