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lay your ghosts to rest?

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TheTemptress | 01:51 Sun 01st Oct 2006 | Body & Soul
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how do you? ive been a bad girl in the life is memories. good and bad..but i need to lay my ghosts to rest. anyone feel the same?
all i ever wanted was the chance to rest
maybe get the chance to lay my ghosts to rest
all alone its true
time to see it through
look and see whats true
given time to catch my breath
sort it out and maybe lay my ghosts to rest...
dirty vegas/ghosts (words probably wrong due to the whiskey)


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I was a very naughty young man, but I can't turn the clock back and undo the things I did, all I can say to you is,

There is no future in the past, you must move on and be good, and be happy, I wish you luck xx
Oh TT i just look to the future and remember how fabulous it all was back then and how the kids these days have to worry that sex may kill them slowly, i am from a much more relaxed generation.
Question Author
thanks guys,,,,you can tell im p@ssed again!! feeling guilty and easily tempted....trying ot hold on to my youth i think..sadddoooooo! problem i have is im easily lead. at the moment, love my hubby..47..being asked out (by an old flame...sorry but true) who is 26 and stalking me ..temptation is a terrible the way...i didnt!!!
We are all flattered by attention aren't we, but do we step over the line ? there are a few on here I could easily be tempted by, but would I ? sometimes things are hard to resist, forbidden fruit etc, think it through very carefully, xx
Bad is purely subjective, comparisons are of no help to you really. As Ray says, move on. Forgive yourself and others and everything else falls into place.
Question Author
i know ray...i did in the past..but things have changed happy, i wasnt then and the biggest difference is that although i was unhappy and married he was singe. i aint heard from him in a year and since then he has set up home with a lovely girl and had a quite shocked that he has decided to contact me again...of course...given my age, im flattered and he is a gorgeous young hunky guy but what the hell is he about?? replied to a question of mine yesterday and said that you and your husband are still madly in love, if this is true why are you tempted by this new offer? Good for you by the way not giving in to tempatation!
Hello Temptress, sorry I thought you said that you'd been with your husband for 25 years on another thread, which assuming you were say 16 would now make you at least 41.So how is your old flame whose stalking you, only 26? That'd have made him 1 when you went out with him, or am I missing something?
Question Author
i am sophie, but im 47 and mixed up and easily tempted and also, until last year, was very mixed up. left hubby and decided i didnt love i love him to bits but im such a moron i dont know a good thing when ive got it, never a very mixed up moron...honestly....i think im just so in love with myself!! sad but true!!! i dont deserve my lovely husband....never have!
Temptress, this young guy only wants you for one thing, if you go ahead, you know what you could lose,is it worth it for a boost to your ego, ? be flattered but that is it, it could ruin so many lives for a quick jump. don't be tempted,just say Thanks,but no thanks xx
Question Author 47...hubby and i split up...i had affair (very casual)..spent years thinking i didnt love my hubby. anyway, we got back and things have just been brilliant due to the fact we confronted our problems. basically, he works away, i see him 3 days a month. it was very easy for me to be naughty. and yes, this guy is 26...worked with him when he was 24 and believe it or not, he has held a torch for me for the last 2 years. im now really happy and the young guy has since had a baby and living with a girl. i never thought id hear from him again and wasnt bothered but now he is hounding me. being a selfish cow, i enjoy the attention!! very shallow indeed i am!!
Well make it so you deserve him then!! Not having a go by the way, in case you get offended....but wouldn't u kick urself if u lost the best thing u ever had for what possibly wouldnt be worth it? I know I would! I'm only 19 so (possibly luckily) am naive about how time can change perspectives of the world but I've been with my boyfriend for four years (nothing on your 20 odd I know) but I would never do anything to ruin what might be a lifelong relationship. My view is that anything new you want to do (eg some people say they leave their husband/wives to go travelling) should be able to be shared with ur partner and if it cant be then theres some other underlying issue that should be dealt with (not necessarily by staying with them and talking it through) rather than running from it. But thats just my view...just do whatever'll make you happiest in the long run! Sorry...bit rambling there!
At the risk of getting my head bitten off Temptress as I'm aware I barely know you, from the responses I've read on all threads you seem very pre-occupied with unimportant stuff like money, trinkets etc which is usually a sign of a quite deep seated disaffection with yourself/void filling. Have a good look at who you really are, who your husband really is and what you mean to each other and don't let stuff like working away wreck something if it's good.If it's not then you need to start over but either way, try to learn to like yourself, rather than as you put it "love yourself", then I think you'll find you don't need flippant attention from ex boy friends and endless treats and stuff to fill in the gaps.
Question Author
cool sophie...i appreciate your views...i know, i basically told him to **** off but im so full of guilt for starting it in the first place but i was so unhappy then. my hubby was not nice to me god what a difference now. i cant tell you how much he change. the split was the best thing ever for us both even though i spent xmas eve on the couch and xmas day crying at the table alone...i wont hurt him now...i got too much to loose but took a long time to get here....god knows what he been up too also but i aint even going there! ps,,,im actually disgusted with the ex who has just starting life with a lovely girl and a baby...for christ sake...why would he risk it for an 'old gal'???
Question Author
guys, im the very first to admit im an egotistical ****, materialistic, spoiled rotton from a guy who gives me everything i want, always been the 'it girl' who is now 47 and probably looks like **** but thinks she's gorgeous...needs to be idolised etc know the drill.... dont be too harsh on me guys, im admitting it to the world!! right, thats it, im gonna go mad and take of my make up!!lol
47 isnt that old!! and im sure you are still gorgeous, and good for u (again!) for telling him where to go, sounds to me like he, unlike u, doesnt know a good thing when hes got it! glad u and ur husband realise how great u are, and if ur happy now it shudnt matter what it took to get there! imagine u hadnt had that affair and it had changed everyting so much that u wer still alone now, the butterfly effect and all that!
Question Author
thanks off to bed now alone and feeling good thanks to you..x
aww im glad ive made u feel better! hope it lasts! nite nite!
hmmm, well, sort of sounds like you're seeking forgiveness and approval here... understandable, especially if you're wrapping yourself round some alcohol and mood music... but it's actually worthless; nobody on a website can forgive you for anything because you haven't wronged them in any way.

It's your husband's approval you need (if you want to keep your marriage going) and though you say you've sorted things out, I rather get the impression you may not have mentioned this old flame's attentions to him. You already know the answer, which is Don't Go There, but why exactly are you still sitting there dreaming about it? I'm thinking there's still unresolved stuff with your man.
Hi Temptress,

You sound fine to me,don't knock yourself for things you did before, you must still be very attractive,or he wouldn't have asked you again, so keep smiling be happy with what you have xx

PS, If you want an affair I am up for it !!!! lol

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