My Grandma's death. What is heaven like? Do they give a good all-round general education in schools?

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Willow22 | 20:10 Thu 28th Sep 2006 | Body & Soul
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Can anyone help? I am a teen. My Grandmother of whom I was very close to died about 4 years ago. Only the thing is I still haven't really come to terms with it.The thing is when she died I I ended up due to circumstances an awful amout of high school. Therefore I missed pretty much all of my religious education and therefore I don't really understand where she's gone.
I have a question I was wondering whether anyone out there could possibly help me with. This is: what does The Bible/Christianity say that Heaven is like? What does it look like? (are there any descriptions) and what happens up there??
Also I hope this doesn't sound like a stupid question (only I just wondered because I missed such a lot of school) but do they give a good all-round general education in Religion in High schools??
What sort of things about religion do they teach you?


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There is some information about heaven at the link below

at my high school i was taught very little about religion, maybe you could go to sunday school to learn more about it.
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Hiya. Here is a revision webiste for religous education, hope it prooves useful :-)

Sorry, the link didn't come out...
taa daa! sorry about that, bit of a blond moment
Willow, the problem of talking religion and heaven or hell is that people either believe in it or they don't - as has always been said never discuss religion politics or sex because everyone has their own strict views and any three subjects will always cause an argument.

I can't tell you my views. I would like to but your path that you will find will be your own and nobody - nobody - can give you the answer. They can share their opinions but they can not tell you the answer.

In my school days it was assembly and prayers every day and lessons in Religious Education. Times change! I found my own way later to what resonated well with me. Of course it may not with others, but it was what I was happy with, understood, followed and views of heaven are probably different to others, so think of white and black, light and darkness, good and evil......its all really heaven and hell in a manner that individuals can cope with it and what they are happy and content with. I hope this makes sense.
Religious education wouldn't give you any understanding of "where she's gone" or help you "come to terms with it" anyway - quite the opposite in fact. Religion paints a fanciful picture based on nothing more than wishful thinking. Rather than coming to terms with the fact that people die, religion evades the issue altogether, leading people to live in denial of the reality of death. The truth is harsh, the fiction is comforting - but that doesn't make the truth any less true or the fiction any less fictional.
Certainly, whether you believe that she has gone to heaven, or that heaven does not exist all the negative things in her life are over, no pain, no illness, none of the frustrations of growing old.
That doesn't mean that you miss her any less, but you have your memories of her, the things you have learnt from her, her love for you and the knowledge that she valued you. You carry her life on in you.
If she had a long illness try to be glad that it is over, if not be thankful that she was spared that.
Best wishes, it will get easier (I know from painful experience, though it's an up and down journey), you will never forget her.
try reading the bible

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My Grandma's death. What is heaven like? Do they give a good all-round general education in schools?

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