Typhoid injection

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Lan | 11:38 Thu 10th Aug 2006 | Body & Soul
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Hi, I had my holiday jab on Monday which was Hep A & Typhoid in a single jab. I was wondering if this would have much effect on my body because I'm starting to feel really run down and got a sore throat.

Sorry to whinge but I feel rubbish.



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I had my second jab a few weeks ago and although i didn't really link the two at the time, I fell ill with cold-like symptoms afterwards and a really bad sore throat. I just let it run it's course and was fine after about a fortnight. Just treat it like a normal cold, plenty of rest when you can, vitamin c and eat properly.
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yeah thats how it feels like i'm getting a cold, but even my jaw and arms are aching.
Yeah that's how i felt too. Not a lot the docs will do, just letit run it's course hun and take good care of yourself x

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Typhoid injection

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