What do you think happened?!

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Reenie29 | 10:45 Fri 21st Jul 2006 | Body & Soul
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Not sure if this is the right section really - so I'm posting it here and People and Places (there isn't a WTF section sadly)

I live on the top floor of a smallish block of flats. I have a private roof top garden. This morning when I went out to get my washing in I noticed that some of my garden furniture had been rearranged. At first I thought it was brought on by a gust of wind, but on closer inspection I realised that this was impossible - the chairs had been folded and kind of, threaded onto my parasoll (y'know one of those things you use to protect yourself from the sun). Besides which lots of smaller items - plant pots etc were still intact.

So, what do you think has happened?? I have a feeling it's someone playing a trick - except as I say my garden isn't accessible (unless you're Spiderman)...My boyf thinks we need to call in an excocist and now I'm getting a bit spooked in case it is a burglar or something. I sleep with my curtains open so if they wanted to they could have a good old snoop.

Anyone got any suggestions?


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I never heard of garden furniture being haunted before. Even burglars seldom stop to fold chairs. Assuming it's literally impossible to get at your garden from outside, could it have been (a) boyf playing a practical joke; (b) you sleepwalking; (c) you doing it and forgetting it?
You don't need to call in an excorcist - unless one of you has been possessed by some kind of demonic force? If you are really concerned and you genuinely think it is something paranormal that has caused this then call your local Spiritual church/centre and ask if they have a spirit medium who can help you.
I'm with jno on this one.

Unless of course the old ghosties were trying to keep out of the sun. Casper wouldn't have the same effect if was golden and bronzed would he?

Make a mental note of how everything is left tonight and then check again in the morning. I reckon bf knows what's up and has forgotten about it.
Boyfriend playing a practical joke on you maybe?
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Thanks for your answers - I'm not going to call in the Britain's Most Haunted team just yet!! And yep I think maybe me or my bloke might have done this - I'm having a barbecue at the weekend and perhaps subconsciously I decided to have a tidy up. Dunno. Very strange.
You'll believe a man can fly!!

He didn't have a pair of Tesco bags on his hands did he, like the intruder at warpig's last night??

There certainly are some strange people about, but surely no-one would do just that?

Think I'm with jno on this one - your b/f is playing a joke on you!

Perhaps if you 'set a trap' i.e. re-arrange some pots in a rediculous way, and see if they get moved. I would also close my curtains, just in case it is some other nutter.

Jeep xXx
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Thing is - and I'm really going to scare myself silly now - I once read that the Mansun's (before they started killing people) used to break into posh people's hosues and rearrange their furniture. Just to spook them out. Thing is I'm not posh. And yes I will be sleeping with my windows firmly shut from now on - hot or no!!
Tie some fishing wire between the furniture before you go to bed and you will know if someone has moved it when you get up tomorrow morning.
you the IggyB discount house alarm! (this involves sticking some empty bottles around the garden so if someone comes creeping they will knock one over and awaken you - or scare themselves enough to go away again).

is it really inaccessible though, when i was a younger we used to scale the side of a friends flats (climbing out window) to get onto the flat roof and he wasn't on the top floor (on the one under it).
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It's not totally inaccessible I suppose - it would be easyish for someone from the other flats to get through on to my balcony because they're all linked and if you were agile enough you could probably jump. I also have a flat roof and a fire escape. Which I suppose at a push could be used to get into my garden. Aaaagh!!!
Buy some of those little firecracker things that kids have that you throw on the floor and they make a little bang (they're only about �1 for 40 or something) and scatter them all over your balcony/garden.

When whoever it is tries to rearrange your furniture again they'll stand all over them resulting in lots of bangs and you'll know they're there and they'll sh*t their pants.

If you really want to taunt them into doing it again, put your furniture back to how it was before they "tidied" it up - they obviously thought it was messy. lol

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