Trampolining and weight loss?

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Marshmallow9 | 16:19 Mon 03rd Jul 2006 | Body & Soul
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Can anyone tell me if trampolining is a beneficial way to lose weight?


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Yer any exercise is a good way to lose weight. But cheaper than a trampoline and just the same get a skipping rope :-)
If it gets you out of breath and you are eating less (calorie wise) in general, then anything will, done correctly.

If it is 'exercise' done regularly and you enjoy it, then it will be beneficial in helping you to lose weight, yes.

I was told that trampolining (long term) is bad for your back, jogging is bad for your new joints etc. the only form of excercise I haven't heard criticised is swimming. Unless you lot know better.............?????
lol... i'd heard that trampolining was easier on the joints... but i don't know where the long-term negatives kick in from the short-term positives!!
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Thanks everyone, I bought a cheap trampoline on e-bay and I love it! It is a great fun way to exercise and my dog loves it, (also a great place to sunbathe if you have a large one!)

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Trampolining and weight loss?

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