someone may have pointed this out...

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missjef | 13:30 Fri 16th Jun 2006 | Body & Soul
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but i was thinking there used to be a certain user on here whose screen name began with 1 and ended in 5 and had numbers in between and they used to ask the same sort of q's as a certain russian, does anyone else think that they are the same person? since the other person hasnt been on for a while, and they talked about very similar things..
i just thought of this today and wondered if anyone else had thought it.


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Oh yes, missjef, oh yes....;o)
Hi miss! She's already admitted to those aliases ;o) x
Question Author
she admitted? i must have missed those posts!! :-(
thought i was onto something new then!!

This'll start her/him/it up again... lol... let's hope there is some activity for it to go and do this afternoon... after telling us all about it of course.

Sad f**ker.

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You're posts are written the same too, Ward. And there was me thinking you were OOAK.
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i like the ~ mr WM i think u should keep it like that xXx
I prefer the ~
Question Author
i reckon you should keep the squiggle
the ~ just sets it off nicely WM :-)
Squiggle... it's so you.
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Keep the ~

It really brings out your eyes :-)

the squiggle seems to mellow you out,,,,,slightly,,,,,,W~M!
i think the squiggle makes you look a bit girly.
I always admitted to being those users .They are now deleated and forgotten.I hope you are enjoying the valuable contribution I made to this website and continue to make everyday.
Thats one thing I will say about you Rusky, like me you have admitted to aliases...but have you admitted to them ALL like what I did.
Yes. They were not aliases in the sense that I never ever pretended they were not me . I said hi I have changed my username I used to be sexyrussian. I NEVER intended for anyone to think I was not sexyrussian. I like who I am so see no reason to pretend to be someone I am not.

Hello sexyrussian,

Lovely to see you as ever :) I am sure everybody appreciates your valuable contributions, I know I do !!

Sometimes a few people can get grumpy, but you have to rise above that. I have been intrigued (and charmed) by the baby talk, so much so that today I bought a basting tool. What do I do with it now ?

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someone may have pointed this out...

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