'grace' hangovers

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ugly_bob | 13:24 Fri 16th Jun 2006 | Body & Soul
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OK. Feeling rough today. Only to be expected really. Self inflicted. Not after any sympathy. My question is, do you think you are born with a certain amount of hangover free days? I used to not have a problem when I was 18-22ish, never used to suffer at all. Get horrible hangovers at times now. Sometimes even if i don't drink that much! Only time I seem to feel OK in the mornig is when I'm still drunk!

Have I used up my allotted quota of non-hangovers?


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I`m ok today,after yesterday which has surprised me,sometimes I get the right horrors after a day on the lash,I`m off out today to watch the first 2 games and have a livener :o)

no, your just getting old....:o(

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old? me?
no, I'm like Peter Pan.

Damn it, i left neverland.

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'grace' hangovers

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