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undercovers | 01:51 Wed 24th May 2006 | Body & Soul
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and he's sick of the mess we are making with the earth so he is taking it back - but as you are extra special he has told you that you can keep one country and do what you like with it and the people there... which country would you choose (and he has already said no to the UK and America cos hes throwing them in the bin so any other country) and what would you do?


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I would choose Burkina Faso, simply because their capital city, Ougadougou, sounds so funny.
Question Author
well its a nice choice - but you could have chosen france and just named paris Ougadougou - it would have been yours to play with... anyway you only get one pick so you are down for Burkina Faso (where ever that may be)

need to knock up some sort of AB map of the world showing which bits are ear marked for whom come the revolution
I think you will find that God exists by 2 falls to a submission, according to Monty Python.
I bags britain now get off my land
ah crap its going in the bin. Ok I want emmm I want I want JAPAN !

Reason why- Im going to get told off Im very bad at this game- because the japanese are all crazy. lovely crazy but indeed crazy

Question Author
yay spk has Japan (makes a quick note on the map) - good choice by the way love them crazy japanese lol (yes you are going to get told off so i thought i'd join you :))

SMUG GRIN. I have the BEST country you ******* mwah ha ha ha ha.

ooops I didnt realise thats a bad word. Its ok on Father Ted :O( The ed is going to ban meeeee
Question Author
oh dear spk first you call the japanese crazy and now the profanities � I think your in a lot of trouble, and just for that I�m giving you the isle of man instead (makes alteration to map)


i want burkino faso . if i get djibouti can i swap with robbo

if not i'll have japan or britain

ah no its MY Japan I wont call them all crazy and teach them Irish swear words I will be a brilliant George Bush pretty please? The isle of man have deformed cats I dont want it HUMPH.
Question Author
no swapping - that will just confuse the mapping situation here! and dilf Britain is in the bin with the rest of the UK so you can't have that (he's going right back to the drawing board with that one i'm afraid)... i am tempted to say you can have Japan and leave spk in the Isle of Man with the deformed cats - so i will - Japan is yours enjoy! (though Isle of Man might declare war soon)
YOU GAVE AWAY MY COUNTRY???? Whats your country??? Me and my cats are coming in. And how apt you didnt want your last words to be BAD TIDDLES? They may take our lives but they will never take our freedom raaaaarrrrrrrrrrr!
Question Author
gaaaaaaaaaaaaargh attack of the mutant cats of the isle of man ........ nooooo bad tiddles!

i'm working in gods admin department - so don't get to choose

well we are storming the admin dept then. What you gonna do huh? what you gonna do? Oh no not the post it notes or the tipp ex. You in big trouble Im takin over the whole world !

For the accent alone South Africa. It's got plenty of other good reasons to live in as well I've been told, but I'd be very happen to listen to the accent all day every day. Lekker man!
nice choice David- I will leave your country alone then. Does South Africa like Japan? Do you want to invade with me?

thats not fair its ruined, spk has broke japan undercovers

i want burkomo faso robbo cheated he bagsied before i was ready

i'll re name ogubugugu undercover city. if not ill have britain then

You aint listenin DILF ye cant have Britain its binned. Why dont you have Turkey. I dont want to invade there its safe

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