what the hell is happening to this site?

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unruliejulie | 21:28 Sat 20th May 2006 | Body & Soul
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I can't believe the depths people are sinking to on AB just lately, the handicapped mocked,people with cancer mocked! I don't believe it can get any worse. What the hell is wrong with these people. I have come across some wonderful friendly people on here(the majority) but why are there a few, just determined to cause outrage and hurt????? Am i missing something?? it beggars belief. Its really getting a bit boring now.....grow up or push off!


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i do really think it is the same person that has done the ame over on cs
I agree to a certain extent, the best thing woild be to report anything you think is ottt, and if you then post, to say why, I don't think many would knock you for it, I certainly wouldn't.
there are sikkos out there who gets pleasure from others' pain. how sad and low can one get.

Hi julie, what you are saying is very sad,I allways looked upon this site as a nice place,I have only been on here a few months but if it is going to degenerate into a place to insult or hurt peoples feelings,maybe it is time to move on and leave or just answer questions that are posted by people you feel some affinity with,

I like to have a laugh,but not at the expense of a disability,I also like to think I might just be able to give a little bit of help if at all possible, I haven't seen the posts you are refering to,and can't say I wish to,just hope it stops,because as you rightly say there are some lovely people on here, do they outweigh the idiots? lets hope they do. Take care julie, Ray xx

i to enjoy visiting this site, and i am dissapionted it has turned into what it has!!

i have not read the threads you refer to and as ray said niether do i choose to!! but the best way i can say is,dont answer the stupid russian and the AB mafia and we will all live long and prosper!!

It is one person playing with the site and it happened back last year when we had Chatterbank, all I can say is if you get asked anything about coloured backgrounds on a thread ignore it or we will all have clones.

?........... i am lost?

I know! I haven't been on here for a few days - I logged in this afternoon and couldn't believe some of the vicious and downright nasty comments people have been making! I just don't see what pleasure people get from hurting and upsetting and others. There is enough s**t and crap happening in the world as it is, without people being nasty to others for no real reason. It makes me very sad. :o(
Oh God, who is at it now??
look at what some of us are doing to people we don't even know. i would shun from imagining what some would do if they knew the unfortunate.

the hippocrits, then they want to know why there is hate and war and...........
i get very emotional and upset when the rows and nasty things start

time to iron over the old wounds and start enjoying what we have. i think people sometimes need a jolt to remind them just how they are behaving. onwards and upwards !

You know, I'd love to see how they'd react if anything ever happened to them or someone they loved.

However, the people who post abuse are just sad, desperate people who can only get attention by causing upset. The mere fact that they feel the need to try to cause arguments on the internet is a testament to that fact.

Do what I do; report anything abusive, even if it's not directed at yourself.
Hiya julie -I think the problem is that when an imposter/alias/new greenie posts a nasty question or comment - instead of ignoring it like I am now doing, some people reply,which is what these people want,and then you have a whole thread of insults,drawing attention totally away from the genuine and fun questions.It really is wearing very thin now.
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hi kazzianne, i am guilty of replying because i can't sit back and listen to rubbish like a certain someone has been spouting about special needs. I used to work in this field and have a nephew who is a sufferer of Asperger syndrome (same as FINAS son) This is do find difficult to let go and ignore. Now i have someone else who has banned a perfectly innocent question of mine and seems to have chosen me as a target. Now i come on here thismorning and see that poor old dot and rubyrose have been on the recieving end of some proper **** now. I used to love this site but its not about what is was anymore, just about slinging insults to try and offend and upsetting people.I don't know who anybody is anymore becasue of all the different user names.I can't see what the point of it all is but like you said, its wearing thin now..
Yes I stand back in amazement at times......Ive tried to stay aware for a cupple of weeks coz of the aggro making it a very ugly site....I may actually go the whole way and deregister and come back in a month or so....see what its like then.
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I was thinking along similar lines *Zeus* but then they've won really and this is a fab site. Why should a few idiots spoil it for the rest of us.I think we have to unite in ignoring them totally and of course, then its not much fun for them is it? My issue about special needs kids was a bit more than that though as he is a regular and valued ABer, he just needs to stop and think before putting his vile words down.As you know, i only joined a couple of months ago but God, how its changed on here in such a short space of time is amazing. Stick around *Zeus* you put some much needed fun into the place!
I only came on Ab 3 months never witnessed ChatterBAnk....but from what peops say....its reverting backk to the nastiness that WAS Chatterbank
I never witnessed chatterbank either.But I think it should definetly be brought back at least than those that wanted to ask a proper question would know where to avoid.Or in my case look.

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