is it totally PANTS to be back at work after the holiday break??

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stevie-p | 17:45 Tue 02nd May 2006 | Body & Soul
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God, yes - Im so bored and I only work part-time so I shouldnt really complain. Just to add to your misery, the weathers supposed to get really warm this week and then cool again off by the weekend - why does it always do that in this country?????
What holiday break? Must of missed that one :(
I work from home in a family run business which is quite big, but home office....

Its Pants, not being able to get out of the house on bank holidays....
yep and not just any old pants either. HUGE grey granny pants. It sucks.
Yes, yes, yes and more yes!! it is s***e!!!
ohh yess and to make things even better its month end and i have to concentrate not easy as we went of a bit of and all day sess yesterday!
its sucks being back. But the pain is quickly eased with the thought that I have friday off, so pnly a 3 day week for me. ;-)
Its pants going back ANY time
i know i didnt get a holiday break. on the bright side i had the roads to myself....

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is it totally PANTS to be back at work after the holiday break??

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