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Fake tan

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123345 | 16:52 Thu 27th Apr 2006 | Body & Soul
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I am going to Thailand in a few days and I will obviously get a tan when I am there but I would like to get a fake tan so that I am tanned before I go on the holiday.Are there any fake tans that allow you to get a natural tan while they are on.


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Try the moisturisers out at the minute, johnsons holiday skin, garnier summer body etc... its a moisturiser so wont clog your pores and has a light tan also so much easier to apply than normal fake tan! i've been on sunbed after using it and i thought it looked much browner than normal! although i'm sure your skin will still tan through any fake tan but you may find you break out in spots as the heat will open your pores!

Enjoy Thailand! x
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Thanks caz21

The absolute best fake tan I've used is L'Oreal tan that comes in a tube. I am of medium complexion and use the medium-dark. Two things about this product: be sure to smooth it in completely or it will streak and be sure to wash your hands THOROUGHLY after applying it. It is best to use on freshly washed skin or just shaved legs (if you're a girl, of course!). I use mine right after a shower at night and when I wake up in the morning, I have lovely tanned legs.

Enjoy your trip to Thailand!

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Fake tan

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