Sharp pain up the bum!

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chelsea25 | 20:10 Thu 26th Jan 2006 | Body & Soul
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You will probably think i am strange, or you will know exactly what i am talking about here?

Does anyone know why sometimes i get a really sharp pain up my bum hole, like a knife being pushed up there, and also does anyone else get this?!!!!

Hope someone knows and can suggest something to get rid of it, as i am in agony! : (


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Could be Piles or an Absess go see your GP not Michael Barrymore lol

No funnies! You will have to swallow your embarrassment - if that's what's keeping you from seeking medical advice - and go to a GP. Pain is sent by the nerves to the brain for a reason and having those signals means you ought to do something about it. Your innards might be slightly twisted and bumping against something else. Nobody can tell you the remedy unless you know what's wrong.

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I don't think it's anything serious, i have had it for many years, only get it something like once a month though, any other ideas?
Silly question but do you eat a lot of nuts or similar hard food products? Sometimes they can pass through your intestine without being fully digested and as your motins pass through, small sharp bits can sometimes cause a temporary pain. Undigested Sweet corn can have this effect too.
It's trapped wind, that's all...but you made me laugh :o)

Whoops, forgot to say just get some "wind ease" I think it's called and if that doesn't work go and see your GP

good luck

Chelsea 25, I do admit that I also get that every once in a while but it's very rare....maybe once or twice a year...and it's for a split second and that's all. I'm sure it's nothing other than either the undigested food that someone else mentioned or the trapped gas. If you are really worried, do get it checked out, especially if it occurs frequently and you are "in agony" as you say. But other than that, I really wouldn't worry.
Most likely it is haemorrhoids, have you tried a cream e.g. Anusol (in England). If you are overweight, losing weight will help.
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Some of you have got me worried now, thought it was nothing! I think if i have it again sooner than later i will have to get it checked out.

Thanks for all your replies : )

I know what you mean Chelsea - might happen to me a couple of times a year. I've also have the very occasional moment's intense pain through my stomach, and then gone, and even worse through a, cough, rather delicate area. I've always presumed that there was a temporary misfire in my nervous system, as it will be there and gone in an instant.

Had this since I was a child (and so did my mother) I've never seen a doctor about it, but there is a lot of information about it if you google and apparently it's very common. I have always suffered from IBS and have read somewhere that this may happen to IBS sufferers.

However, you should see your GP about it, if only to put your mind at rest.

My boss gives me one but its does eventually go away about 5pm every day
It's called nocturnal proctalgia
A puff of Bricanyl or ventolin at the onset will fix it (in your mouth in case you are in doubt0
I get this pain once or twice a month. Not sure whats causing it, but I do have endometriosis and polycystic ovaries which could possibly have something to do with it. I also get pains in my pelvic area at the same time. I think I get the pain at certain times in the month, possibly to do with ovulation or things like that.
I call it shooty ***. I've just had a bout, ouch. Then I farted and it seems better. So there you go.

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Sharp pain up the bum!

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