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lynbrown | 15:15 Sun 23rd Jun 2024 | Body & Soul
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in all the articles I read about being healthy, walking is always mentioned as the best and most desirable way to keep fit.   However I find as ive got older that I cant walk without pain in my lower back. GP says its my age, sciatica in left leg and arthritic hips. I can only walk about 10mins tops before I have to find a seat for a few mins to ease the pain.  The pain has increased over past few months and walking is the last thing I want to do.  Are there any alternatives?



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Swimming is excellent exercise and kind to painful body parts 

Speak to your GP.

Some can offer referalls to courses at a local gym specifically tailored to people with joint issues.

My GP has enrolled me on a twelve-week course at my local gym, with an additional free twelve weeks admission afterwards, and it's a really good course. Exercises for the whole body, nothing stenuous, but all helping difficult joint issues. They have a pool as well, for gentle swimming which is always a good alternative to walking.

Hopefully your GP can offer something similar.

cycling is non impact and pretty good too.

I'm much the same and I find swimming very beneficial. I am fortunate to have a wonderful open-air pool near to where I live and I go three times a week and swim non-stop for fifty minutes. I do ach afterwards, but I find it really beneficial.

As others have said, many leisure centres offer special courses that will help you.

I'm not that different in that after fracturing my spine it completely altered everything I did. I can't run now, or even walk that far tbh, but if I go to the gym I can go on the static exercise bikes and do 15km easily. 

But I agree with others, swimming is a fabulous exercise .

Agreed - but only if you can swim! 😂

Yep that would help Margo LOL !

I'm like you lyn and can't walk far. I've never liked swimming, so that's a non-starter. I don't know whether there is a gym near me,  so will make enquiries. 

I got thrown into the deep end by a lifeguard while I was on holiday, fortunately I was pulled out by one of the English guests but it put me off deep water for ever. I did learn to swim eventually but still hated the water.

well lynn - am having the same problems but in the last week or two I am having difficulty in walking - can only walk about in the house.

After the accident I had in September my neighbour seen it all and I ended up under my own car on the other side of the street and she said that the car stopped at my privates - now all I can think of I could have been sliced in half or in a wheel chair - this won't leave me - my cousin thinks I have PTSD but am worried about I am going to the doctors tomorrow to make an appointment.  It's not normal when I walk.  

I made my lovely comfortable bed last night and usually make sure I am in the middle of it but I couldn't shuffle towards the middle  fell out of the bed so all in all I feel I'm in a bad way.  I hope the doctor can tell me what is wrong - this is a new doctor who won't know what happened last year and so I am dreading it.

Aqua aerobics are fabulous for excercise if you have mobility problems and you don't need to be able to swim to participate.

Auntypoll - the smell of the swimming pool puts me off. I couldn't go there.

When did you last go, Helly?  Pools don't smell like they used to

I agree the smell used to make me feel sick but they don't seem to smell as bad as they used to

I have a cross trainer which I try to use most days. Lots of gardening and I walk everywhere as have no transport. Only walking with crutches or walker but it is vital to keep moving.

Went to local gym for over 20 years but it has closed and I don't think a new one would want to take on an eighty plus disabled lady!

Keep moving despite the pain. Most doctors are useless.

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15.23 Fake apology 😎

gulliver1 - if you have something sensible to add to this thread, please do it without insulting other users.

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