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henrys202020 | 22:11 Fri 21st Jun 2024 | Body & Soul
5 Answers

when  out  walking  my  feet  seem  to  get  sore/after

about  half  a  mile/tried  different  shoes/no  change




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Have you got hard skin on the bottom of your feet?

Does your feet get too hot or too cold?

Are you diabetic?

What sort of socks do you wear, if any?

Plantar Fasciitis  ?

If you think it might be Plantar Fasciitis , there is some info in this link that might help.

I wear 2 pairs of socks with talcum powder between fet and sock then between sock and sock and the sock and boot, the little bit of movement between each layer has less friction and so less rubbing on the foot.   Some people use soap flakes but if it rains your boots  can start frothing!!

Have you considered seeing a specialist? I'm an amputee with only my left leg & had to see a specialist, because I apparently had an issue with the arch of my foot that made any kind of weight-bearing difficult. He did a 3D foot scan in order to see the exact shape & with that, I was able to get a shoe professionally made, plus one for the prosthetic as well (it came to £500 for both of them together, which  was worth the cost, as I've had no issues since). I know it might be kinda costly, but for long term health, it's a good investment. 🙂

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