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Bowel Cancer Concerns Clear Screening 5 Months Ago

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gordonscotland11 | 22:08 Tue 14th May 2024 | Body & Soul
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Hi there 

I live in Scotland and every 2 years you are sent a bowel screening kit. I got one after my 52nd Birthday in January. I returned it straight away and a week later I was given the all clear. The last 4 weeks I have had left sided cramping pain a rush to go to the loo and quite a lot of blood on the paper after. Not the kind of blood you cut your finger. I have been feeling dizzy and light headed. I guess what I am wondering is 2 things. Could it be impossible to have got bowel cancer so quickly 5 months after an all clear, could they have missed it. 



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See your GP. 

could be, or could be piles, anal fissures or other causes. See your GP about this one.

agree - see GP

Nothing is impossible so there is a small chance it may get missed, but in my inexpert opinion  things like piles or fissures are more likely.

As advised above, get it checked out for peace of mind.

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Bowel Cancer Concerns Clear Screening 5 Months Ago

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