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Blood Pressure / Health Monitor

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dillon | 11:19 Sat 13th Apr 2024 | Body & Soul
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Can anyone recommend an over the counter monitor for checking blood pressure / pulse / general health check etc?

Going to go into Boots but unsure what to buy without spending a fortune



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friend just called in last week and bought one in Lidl for like £16

Omron are good.  I bought mine in Argos

I have one on loan from NHS for regular reading purposes. It's an Omron M2 which I believe retails for less than £50.

Readings can be a bit erratic at times (i.e. two different readings within a minutes of each other) but I've been led to believe this is not uncommon.

I suggest you discuss it with your pharmacist (although of course they do have a vested interest).

P.S. It's an upper arm model, I once had a wrist one but it was useless, not sure what make/model it was.

I have a Boots own brand one, it's 22 years old and still works perfectly, I recently had it calibrated at the surgery.

If it conks out then I'll treat myself to an Omron.

Wife went into local chemist a while ago to buy new one.  Woman behind counter told her to only buy cheapish one as they were mostly the same and did same job but some have much higher price.  Paid £30 something for new one and it works fine.  She checks it before going to see doctor and it is usually almost same result.

Dillon have a look here.  Lots of Omron models included.


I have a little wrist monitor, it's a 'scion' I think.  Perfectly OK.  Cost me about £15 off e-bay.

Sorry,it's 'scian'. It works fine. Readings from recent trip to hosp. are consistent with what I was getting with it.

Lloyd's the chemist do an excellent upper arm model. had mine for years 

Lloyd's went in to liquidation and as far as I know are now only trading online.  I agree about the quality of the monitors, we've had ours years but as Lloyd's has new owners I would prefer a Boots own brand.

I have a Boots "own brand" which is actually made by Omron - an upper-arm one. 

Dillon might have purchased a monitor by now but, in case he hasn't, I'll mention that my GP provides this link for advice about choosing one:

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Blood Pressure / Health Monitor

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