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Slow Growing Malignant Tumour On Lung

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naomi24 | 07:54 Mon 01st Apr 2024 | Body & Soul
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Chemo is ineffectual so treated by surgery alone, everything I've read about it tells me it's a rare form of cancer and life expectancy is short - between one and ten years at the most.  I've been involved with cancer of all sorts in my life but I'd never heard of this.  Does anyone have any personal experience of it?   Your thoughts would be appreciated.



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I haven't sorry to hear that you and you loved ones have been hit with this.


Naomi - I do hope this isn't you we're talking about 

Please God. Not you naomi?

Question Author

No, it's not me but it's a worrying time and thanks so much for your kind thoughts.

Sorry to hear this. My thoughts possibly a Small Cell Lung Cancer or SCLC.  Possibly an Oat Cell cancer. If you want to search look at Moffit Cancer Centre. They have a good web site. Please remember that every person reacts differently to cancer treatments and all treatment plans are tailored to the individual

Thank god for that. I am sorry the dreaded C is causing you anguish. I have had colon cancer and it wasn't so bad but I have the luck of the devil sometimes.We just put our trust in the oncologists and hope they do their best asap. My best wishes for the person you are asking for.

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calmck, thank you for that.  The doctors have said that the only treatment for this is surgery but from what I've read even that doesn't succeed with this form of cancer in the long term.


Thanks Retro.  I really wish you well.  I don't hate anything or anyone - but I make an exception for cancer.  It blights the lives of its victims and of all those around them.

No personal experience; but my best wishes for you all.

Question Author

Thank you, OG.

Did you mean 'one and ten years' Naomi?

We're going through it and after chemo there's still cancer that's moved around and has reattached. We're awaiting plans and dates for next steps. Expectations and perspectives change the longer it goes on and maybe it's age dependent but i think a 5 years prognosis now would seem less daunting and 10 definitely would.

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newmodarmy. sorry, I meant sufferers may live for a year or ten years at the most.  Whatever it may be it's short term.  This is only what I've been reading but I can't find anything that says differently.  This form of cancer doesn't respond to chemo so that is not an option.  I wish you and yours well.   An awful time for anyone.

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//This form of cancer doesn't respond to chemo so that is not an option.  //


Just to clarify, the Consultant has confirmed that.

I used to work for a Consultant who specialised in Lung and Upper GI malignancies and I do not remember a specific lung cancer that was a "slow grower" as such.

Small-cell lung cancer is a very aggressive type that has a doubling time of six weeks. I would imagine that it is a non-small-cell lung cancer. Epithelioid mesothelioma, the type associated with asbestos is again not a slow-growing type. It would help to know the exact type of cancer before I could comment further and I can always email the Dr I used to work for to ask specific questions if desired.

Best wishes naomi, a dreadful worrying time  for all.

I also can't remember a type of lung cancer that doesn't respond to chemo (there were different chemotherapy regimens for different cancer types) and it is only just over 4 years since I left Oncology. There were lots of different immunotherapy treatments that were offered instead of chemo (if chemo was deemed likely to be poorly tolerated) or after chemo if the maximum accumulative lifetime doses of the chemotherapy drugs had been reached. 

As had been said already cancer really does depend on the individual. I remember one patient who had one dose of chemo and nothing else.  Five and a half years later his tumour was completely stagnant - it hadn't shrunk and it hadn't grown - most unusual !!

Question Author

LCG, thank you for your kind offer but we have a good Consultant so I won't trouble you.  This is very definitely a slow growing cancer that doesn't respond to chemo.  It's said to be very rare so that could be why neither you nor I are familiar with it.

It's not something I  know a lot about - I'm reasonably knlowledgeable on skin cancer as MrJ2 just had yet another malignant tumour cut off his skull - I just wanted to say that I'm so glad it isn't you.

I also hate it - Mr. J2's daughter died aged 50 of a cancer she had done  nothing to earn.

I've seen cancers of various sorts, but not as described here.  Sorry I can't add anything.

My best wishes to you, Naomi, to the person involved & to everyone else going through treatment.

In that case I won't ask any further questions because the relevant  Oncologist molecular studies would have been performed and the patient would have been discussed at MDT by the usual bunch of Specialists, including the Cardiothoracic Surgeons.

My best wishes to the person concerned and if you ever changed your mind at any time, I am more than happy to email Dr B with specific questions. He was one of the best Doctors I have ever worked for.

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Slow Growing Malignant Tumour On Lung

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