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Name Of A Med Chunky Chocolate Malt Taste

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rockey | 19:47 Tue 27th Feb 2024 | Body & Soul
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when I was very young my parents gave me what they called nerve med chunky chocolate malt taste awful I have no idea what it was 



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Well if your mother is as lovely as an Aber told everyone in a post last week you shouldn't have any thing to worry about. The Aber gave the impression that she/he knew your family. 

andres - wrong thread?

oops^^^^^^ wrong thread. Sorry.

Cod liver oil and malt ?  Not chocolaty but it wasbrown and sticky and gooey.

was it a chocolate horlicks tablet?

came in original and chocolate flavours I think.


x-lax to keep your bowels open.?

I was born in 1947,and my Mum used to dose me up with something malty,called VIROL.

I don't know if this bears any resemblance to what you are asking about?

Hey Gordon, are you still around?

I am still here Barsel, how are you?

I'm fine thanks. Just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday but hold on, I'll be back in a minute with something you may have missed.

Sorry,but my birthday is actually March 28th!LOL(77 years old)

Barsel, Thank You so much for that link.

Fame at last! LOL

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Name Of A Med Chunky Chocolate Malt Taste

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