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Has Anyone Had Weight Loss

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tamaris | 08:38 Sat 17th Feb 2024 | Body & Soul
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With the 16 week swallowing a balloon procedure ? 



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Tamaris, there is a lot of negative feedback re the balloon.

People in the bariatric community have said it is a waste of money - they weight goes back on afterwards, there are downsides whilst you have the balloon too.

If I may ask how much weight do you have to lose (your BMI would be useful) and are you confident that you could keep the weight off afterwards?

Also are you going private or NHS? the biggest feedback I have been given is they wish they had had a sleeve or bypass as that is what they ended up doing afterwards.

Surprisingly there seems to be  about as much short term success with  virtual gastric banding if done properly... ( two stage hypnotherapy process)  if you haven't tried hypnotherapy  it's worth a try first.


Since last May I have lost 10 kilos. Very slow progress I know, but I found it so very easy. I just cut out chocolate ( always had some near me and ate some everyday), icecream , desserts, pastries, and reduced my consumption of white wine, and cheese.  Also walking 4-5 klm. Everyday. When we were in Japan over the new year that increased to 8-10. My cholesterol is down, not that it was high anyway, and other blood results are good. I have given myself leniency in February, but back to it next month. I'd like to lose another 5 kilos. It reLly is easy once you get your head 'round it.

Samurai with the greatest of respect it's not as easy as getting your head round it.

congrats on being successful but for some it takes more than willpower 

I guess so Redhelen. I didn't want to sound pompous. ( but I am rather proud of myself :) )

And so you should be absolutely 

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Has Anyone Had Weight Loss

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