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Glaucoma Laser Treatment

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barry1010 | 14:25 Sun 18th Feb 2024 | Body & Soul
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Has anyone had this procedure? 

I would like to hear your experience of the surgery, recovery time and how successful it was.



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From the website of the leading glaucoma charity in NZ:

From the website of a leading glaucoma charity in the USA:

From the website of the leading glaucoma charity in the UK:

I have glaucoma and have had the laser treatment on both eyes. Not at the same time.  It doesn't do anything to your actual eyesight if that's what you are thinking. It's only to help lower the pressure. Well that's what mine did.  It's was done at a normal hospital appointment and not unlike the equipment you will be used to.  That is where you put your chin on a rest and lean forward.  Eye drops are put in and if I remember correctly might have taken about 5 mins. All you feel is a bit of pressure as the laser is fired. Recovery time is a few minutes. I went home on the bus. Can't say I noticed any difference after but I suppose it did take the pressure down. 

Hope this helps. I'm presuming all glaucoma laser treatment is for the same of reason of course.

Chris bet me to it. I'll have to type faster.

Are you talking about treatment when glaucoma has already been diagnosed?  Or, are you talking about laser iridotomy being used as a preventative (to prevent intra-ocular pressure getting high)? I've had the latter last year...follow-up in a few months.

Takes several minutes for both eyes and off you go after half-an-hour...but not driving. Nothing to worry about at all.

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Glaucoma was diagnosed a few years ago and is being treated with three different drops every day.

Pressure in eye has now increased.  I have sight in only one eye, macular degeneration and cataracts but so far minimal effect on eyesight.

Consultant wants to do laser treatment on my good eye

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I didn't realise I would be sat in a chair, my consultant mentioned general anaesthetic could be an option so I assumed I'd be tucked up in bed 

Sorry to hear that, barry. As I said, my treatment was as a I don't know if your treatment would be the same.

Strangely enough I was ar the Eye Hosp om Friday and laser treatment eas suggested to me.  But I was given the option of having new eye drops in addition to the two I'm taking already so I thought I'd try that first.



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I am being given new eye drops for two months but if they don't work it will be the laser 

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Glaucoma Laser Treatment

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