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Vagus | 20:25 Wed 07th Feb 2024 | Body & Soul
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After having a dexa scan yesterday, it seems I now have osteopenia rather than full blown osteoporosis, which is really good news..and very surprising too!

I was diagnosed with osteoporosis about 13 years ago, took alendronic acid for five years along with high dose calcium and vit D. Was taken off aa eight years ago but continued with calcium and vit D.

Ive had to take lots of steroids in the last seven or eight years, which also have an effect on bone density, so was very surprised and hugely pleased that I now won't have to take aa again, just keep on with high dose calcium and vit D, and a healthy lifestyle, well, as healthy as my lifestyle is..maybe it's all the gin I consume which has helped 😉ðŸļ



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That is excellent news - well done ðŸ˜€

That is good news, Vagus. Keep taking that Vitamin D and calcium.

Drop the tablets into your gin.

Question Author

Do you have it Toorak?

Maybe I will Tilly, add a bit of extra fizz (a big hug to you x)

I don't vagus but I take vit d and calcium over the winter months as a precaution 

>>> "maybe it's all the gin I consume which has helped"

That's AB at it's very best.  Excellent health advice from Vagus there!

Question Author

Take it all the time Toorak, can't do any harm and might just stave off any nasty stuff 🙂

Well, Chris, I am a doctor you my dreams! In my experience gin solves quite a few problems, hic!

Actually, those Vit D Calcium tablets are pleasant to chew.

I don't chew them Tilly but I will maybe try. The vit c tablets are ok to chew (but I just swallow them too)

I take my Vit D and calcium and my Vit C together.

Crunch, crunch, crunch.

How can you chew those tablets? I swallow mine whole

Good news Vagus!  I'm also glad to know that the calcium & vit.D tablets I take daily are effective.  Been told today that my r-hip-replacement needs replacing and that I have some bone loss - so I shall very carefully carry on taking the tablets!

  P.S. If I get grumpy, sorry - all rather painful.

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The stuff I take and have been taking for 13 years is on prescription and called Evacal D3 1500 mg/400iu chewable tablets. I take two a day.

I can and do swallow a large amount of tablets in one go but these are huge and no way could I swallow them so it's a good job they're chewable.

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The stuff I take is called Evacal D3 1500mg/400iu chewable tablets. I've been taking it for 13 years and it's on prescription.

No way could I swallow these whole so it's a good job they're chewable, they're gigantic.

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Whoops, posted twice..ish 🙄

Why was the AA stopped vagus ?

That  happened to me too Ann to my great surprise.  Some years ago.  Recently my spinal surgeon didn't believe it when I told him until he looked at my hospital records.  So now he wants me scanned again. 

I was taken off the drug as well.  

Lottie, I thought AA was life long, I'll maybe have a look online for some information. 
how you today ?

I thought that too Anne and apparently  my spinal surgeon thought so  too!!

He was puzzled.  

At the time of the last scan my doctor said that rhe AA must have worked and took me off them!  

I have bad and OK days but never good days now.  Have been told they cannot operate on my Spine and unfortunately there are no cures for EDS.  Thanks for asking x

I will decline if they want me to go back on AA.  

Question Author

It's recommended that ladies have a 'drug holiday' after being on aa for five years. They should have another dexa scan and some ladies are put back on it but also many ladies don't need to go back on it.

AA can cause its own problems eg spotanious femur fractures, jaw bone issues, so if ladies no longer need to take it then that's good.

Somehow I slipped through the net..I should have chased it up...and didn't have a dexa scan earlier, but at least I've had one now with the good news.

Also aa stays in the body for about ten years once it's been stopped, doing its stuff. I'm sure it's more complicated than the simplistic way I'm describing it but that's the general gist. I'm sure anyone interested in it all could search the internet and find out more detail.

Hope this helps, Ann 💀ðŸĶī😉

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