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First Time Denture Wearer

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Tilly2 | 18:20 Mon 29th Jan 2024 | Body & Soul
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I had a one tooth denture fitted on Friday, last week. It's an interim 'stop-gap' prior to having an implant.

I find that I am constantly pushing the plate up to my palate with my tongue. How can I stop doing this?

My tongue is getting sore.





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You'll soon get used to it and it will stop.  How long will you have to wear the denture?

I have had exactly the same problem, for the same reason.

Your denture is not fitted correctly, you need to retrun to your dentist and ask for it to be adjusted to fit properly without you needing to push it.

Question Author

About four months, Barry.

I don't need to keep pushing it, Andy. It stays in place. It's my tongue, being restless.

Tilly - // I don't need to keep pushing it, Andy. It stays in place. It's my tongue, being restless. //

Oh, in that case, as advised, you just need to get used to it.

It's very weird having something like that in your mouth, but gradually that awareness will wear off.

Its exactly the same when I have an extraction.  My tongue keeps investigating no matter how much I try not to do it. 
it doesn't last long.

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Thank you both. I just need to be patient I suppose.

I've had a denture for 4 years and still don't get on with it. It's for a front tooth so I have to wear it.


On Thursday last week, another front tooth fell out, so back to the dentist. They've taken my denture to add another tooth, so I am walking around with 2 front teeth missing until Thursday. I want to cry.

Once daughter is out of uni, I'll be investigating implants.

Question Author

Rocky, mine is a front tooth too. Can you eat with your denture in?

Sorry to hear that you've lost another one. It's traumatising, isn't it?

I've had a front-tooth denture since 1953, and I still find it intrusive at times. You have my sympathy but things will get better with time.

Just wait until you eat a Bounty bar, Tilly, the coconut gets everywhere it shouldn't! - that's from a voice of experience (one tooth front denture wearer). 😁

Tilly, I lost a front tooth (a crown) before Christmas and had to have a single denture made. It lasted just two days before the tooth on the other side fell out, rendering it useless. In trying to take an impression for a double denture, the dentist managed to pull out a three-tooth bridge as well.

I have now had three implants put in and when they bed down in a few months I will have a six-tooth bridge screwed into them. Meanwhile, I don't have anywhere much I can put my tongue at all.

Question Author

Thank you, Canary.

Capt, fortunately, I find Bounties too sweet and don't eat them. Coconut gets everywhere, whether you have your own teeth or not.

Jno, you must spend a lot of time and money at the dentist. I can't believe that the dentist also pulled out your bridge. You must have been flaming mad  !

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First Time Denture Wearer

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