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Anyone Else Had This

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nicebloke1 | 15:46 Sat 27th Jan 2024 | Body & Soul
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I have gooled it, and like always theres a boat load of reasons why, some say this some disagree so over to you. A get like a buzzing sensation now and again on the bottom of my foot, almost like standing on a mobil phone. I did twist my knee / leg some time back but thats ok now, on the same side. Any input?



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Seems like nerve damage. I have this with type 2 Diabetes.

I would say nerve damage as well

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15.01 Does it get worse?

Depends on what nerve and where.  But see a Gp if it continues.  My answer was only a suggestion because I suffer from nerve damage in lots of places.  Nerves don't heal quickly.  Rest your leg when you ca .

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15.16 According to what I've been reading they recomend extra b vitimins, vitimin B complex, or a high strenght B12 or both. It appears you can have a job retaining vitimin B as you age. But like I said google can be a bit mind blowing somtime with very different views, even the one from doctors.

If it is due to a lack of b vitamins, the only way to find out is to see your GP and have a blood test.

But there are lots of reasons why you could be getting those symptoms so best to see your GP anyway.

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15.27 Think I may well do so, have held back simply because I've read that doctors have no idea what causes it, plus its only just started to happen over the last week or so. It does however tend to go sometime if I lay on my back, leg in the air and bend foot and toes towards my face.

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