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Have Wakened Up

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JinnyJoan | 16:07 Wed 24th Jan 2024 | Body & Soul
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With a very sore left gum.  Am trying to swill with salt water.  Anything else to help.  Thanks



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Some co-codamol, and a call to the dentist for an appointment.

place a strepsil beside it and suck slowly - it will numb it

While waiting smear on some gingigel or bonjela if you have some.

Your doing the best thing in my opinion to avoid infection. And take a pain killer that you know is suitable for you. 

Hi JJ. Have you seen a dentist? x

JJ if you wear dentures, leave them out and keep swilling with salt water if you can. If you are registered with a dentist, phone them and tell them it's an emergency.

My mum swears by anbesol which is effective.

I agree with above suggestions - particularly of Bonjela  if you have any - can find the cause.

Probably worth looking for the cause in the mirror.

In your shoes I'd not consider it an emergency or something to panic over unless you are aware of a possible reason that needs attention. Use the relief options stated above, monitor it for a bit.  It may just be how you slept on it.

Get some TePes or coctail stick and poke the old food out from between your teeth! I usually get this with meatparticles. Qick flossing and it improves immediately!

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