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Plastic Surgery As A Teenager

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L30nW | 00:48 Mon 22nd Jan 2024 | Body & Soul
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Hey Everyone,

what would you think if a 15-year-old had plastic surgery (3 times in total).
(the first time at the age of 14, the second time in his early 15s, the third time in his mid-15s)

If the financial aspect doesn't play a role and everything is done properly and by professionals.



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Think we need a bit more information, and maybe a photo taken in your bathroom?

Question Author

I can take a photo but how can i share it here?

And what do you want to know / what information?

For why: It was because of aesthetics, i wanted to have fully developed abs and more developed than others have or can get. And my parents allowed it after consultation with doctors and really a lot of talking and also begging. My older brother paid it for me he also helped to get our parents to allow it 



I've seen a few men after they've had this surgery and it always looks fake.  Usually the rest of the body doesn't match.

From Pear To Eternity

Oops wrong thread!

But at 15 your body isn't fully developed, not even close. Abs come via diet and exercise.

You can use

-- answer removed --

I have removed your photo as it clearly shows an identifiable young man.   

These much younger children developed their abs without surgery and gained muscles elsewhere from regularly working out.  The arms and shoulders of the young man in the photo are undefined and don't match the ab area.

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Plastic Surgery As A Teenager

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