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Plastic Surgery As A Teenager

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L30nW | 00:48 Mon 22nd Jan 2024 | Body & Soul
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Hey Everyone,

what would you think if a 15-year-old had plastic surgery (3 times in total).
(the first time at the age of 14, the second time in his early 15s, the third time in his mid-15s)

If the financial aspect doesn't play a role and everything is done properly and by professionals.



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Reconstructive surgery after an accident or some form of condition is fine.  Elective surgery would concern me since as a minor they do not (at least in the UK) have the capacity to consent to such procedure.

There would need to be a definite valid reason for it. Just wanting to enhance yourself doesn't cut it.

I could understand it once - if someone was unhappy with a big nose, for instance. But three times? Has anyone enquired whether he might have body dysmorphic disorder?

Question Author

Just some more Infos:

It was not after an accident (it was elective)
Also, the 3 operations were performed as planned, all on/for the same body part.

I may also explain which bodypart / what has been done later 

Is this the UK or elsewhere?

Question Author

It's in Europe (German/Spanish family, most of the year in Spain)


Who paid for it? Why on earth would a surgeon agree to perform elective surgery on a 14 yr old!??

Cleft palate?

Cleft palatte is not elective.  

A 15 year old is still growing and what seems out of proportion such as big ears or a big nose might be perfectly fine by the time he is 22.   

I would worry why a 15 year old is prepared to undergo elective surgery, are there psychological issues, is he being bullied?

This poster phrase's questions the same way as another poster. 
big pinch of salt needed

RedHelen, I remind you that ABEd said we should welcome all new members.  You are not obliged to post on any thread you don't like.

A boy in my sons class at primary school had big ears which stuck out. He had an op to pin them back, must have been about eight years old. I don't know if it was done privately or NHS.

Thank you Barry and goodbye Barry

i would class cleft palate surgery as elective.

Cleft palette is corrected at a very young because it can lead to malnutrition, even starvation in severe cases because it interferes with eating and makes suckling and swallowing difficult.  Often what is sucked in to the mouth comes straight out of the nose.

It can cause problems with speech development as well as the psychological impact of looking very different. 

I've known young children have ears pinned back, done by the NHS, also birth marks on the face removed in infancy.

yes, i agree cleft palate would be repaired at a younger age.  The reason i'm certain it's elective surgery is because the opposite of elective surgery is emergency surgery, and it's not that

I don't know if this would be classed as plastic surgery, but I had a birthmark removed from my chin, (a large wart) when I was a child.

Are we going to be told what body part or is this a guessing game!?

Question Author

Hey sorry for the long delay i was busy with School & Stuff

About the procedure:
It was the abdomen and stomach area. 
First Session was basically just removal of a thin layer of fat (13% Bodyfat before)
Second Session was again liposuction and carving of the straight abdomen 
Third Session was more carving, also a bit on the contours of the external abdomen (obliques)

Carving means that the natural occuring seperations that occur on the abs will be fully freed from fat and be a bit sculped as far as possible to get as deep as possible abs-lines

This resulted in a now always visible 8pack with the abs lines being betwen 1.7 - 3 cm deep (depends on where its being measured and if relaxed or flexing) and also 2.8% bodyfat when just taking an isloated measurement of the stomach area

At 14-15 years old!

There is nothing proper about that, and I don't care how 'professional' the doctors are who carried it out. Totally irresponsible to carry out such surgery on one so young...and why?? 

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Plastic Surgery As A Teenager

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