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Cost Of Nhs Drugs

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Henry1865 | 17:43 Sun 26th Nov 2023 | Body & Soul
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I told my MD that I already had plenty of cream left in a large container prescribed last time but when I went to collect from the chemist he had ordered it for me again.

How can I find out what this has cost?



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Look it up on BNF online,  
18:10 Sun 26th Nov 2023

you can reject it at the counter.

what's the cream's name?

As bednobs says, you can reject it but do it before you leave the pharmacy or it's too late. Once you've taken it out of the shop they're not allowed to put it back in stock.

Look it up on BNF online,  

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Boots supplied it in a large sealed bag with several other drugs which keep me going - despite that I once swore I'd never take multi pills daily ... .

if its a large container, what did you think was in the package.  you canalways open the bag before you accept it.  i dunno about you, but i have to sign the prescription so i can always see what im getting before acceptin it

Just use the cream


I order prescription items online and choose only what I want/need. No signing at all and no unnecessary items.

Waste is endemic in the NHS. 

We order just what we need from the repeat prescription from the practice dispensary and it gets delivered on a Friday.

he might hypothetically have feared it had gone off or lost its strength since last time

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Cost Of Nhs Drugs

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