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Food Going Down Wrong Hole

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smurfchops | 20:03 Thu 23rd Nov 2023 | Body & Soul
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Happening to my elderly hubbie on a very regular basis...  any cure for this?  As usual, won't see doc.  



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Is he chewing properly??

There are a lot of ways dysphagia can be treated or eased. But only by visiting the GP who will advise.

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Thanks all.  Driving me mad. 

As Jim says, a visit to a GP is called for here.  This page though indicates some of the possible causes that the GP is likely to consider:

To people who have a medical condition but who won't seek a GP's advice, the answer is surely...carry on suffering!

Food or liquid going down wrong. All the time or with specific foods. If liquid he should see doctor as could become dehydrated. Make sure he is sitting up well and stays up for a while after eating. Give small amounts of soft food and not too big to block airway should it go down wrong. He really should see a doctor though

Quote from topic rubric :-

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As suggested, refer to Doctor please.

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Food Going Down Wrong Hole

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