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Is It Ok To Exercise After A Nose Bleed?

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Raidergal2022 | 16:41 Thu 19th Oct 2023 | Body & Soul
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Quick question, might seem stupid

Had a nose bleed last night at midnight (I'm almost confident it's due to a new nasal steroid spray I'm using Dymista)

Is it ok to go to the gym/exercise today or is it sensible to avoid to give the nose more time to heal?




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Sqad is the man for you . 

I'd allow a day or 2 to let it heal.

I'd imagine it all depends on how strenuously you plan to exercise.

Many footballers have on-field nose-bleeds. They'll have a couple of cotton-swabs (i think) applied inside their nostrils, then they're good to rejoin the fray. Very rare for a footballer to be subbed because of a nosebleed.

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Never thought of that Ken, I suppose boxers carry on too. 

Guess that mostly answers my question 

After a visit to hospital after heavy nosebleeds, and cauterisation,  I was told no hot baths or showers for two or three days and no heavy lifting, so just take it easy.

Yes go to the gym - if you splatter blood over the fella you really fancy, reassure him it is in the service of Terpsichore

and perhaps serve him up a small song and dance to illustrate the idea

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Is It Ok To Exercise After A Nose Bleed?

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