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jennyjoan | 11:54 Sun 27th Aug 2023 | Body & Soul
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Well was in accident last Friday, so have broken 2 toes and some bones in my left ankle. Two massive grazes on knees but since it was the whole body that fell am painful ie breasts very tender and shoulder grazed too. I am lucky to be alive.

Attended hospital who gave me a boot cast and injections that I will inject myself in case of blood clotting.

The whole experience was terrible - everyone was squashed in like sardines. All the nurses did work very hard but sort of not quick enough for the amount of patients there were.

Anyway home and safe except for tremendous pain. It is difficult to get used to the boot and crutches at the same time.


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You have been in the wars lately, JJ. I hope you have people coming in to help you
Oh poor you JJ, how on earth did you do that, Did you have a fall ?
Question Author
Nobody coming in yet Barry1010 - as it was going to take hours and hours to get stuff - I will try and organise something myself. Maybe contact my own doctor on Tuesday since it is Bank Holiday on Monday.
So sorry for your calamity jj - you have has a lot of hard knocks lately. I do hope you have some nearby help that you can call on. Get better soon xx
No relatives, friends or neighbours that can bob in to make drinks or meals?
I hope you are making flasks of hot drinks so you don’t need to keep making them from scratch
Very sorry to hear of this Jenny. Hope you are out of pain and back on your feet asap.
Sorry to hear you have been in the wars - did you fall at home?
It sounds as though you need help now rather than wait till Tuesday.
It must be difficult moving around on crutches - take care. x
I think you need more whisky in your water! Get well soon.
Sorry to hear about this...crutches are the work of the devil. wont be driving that "new" car of yours for some time!
I think the car is automatic so perfectly drivable with the left leg out of action
Question Author
Not automatic barry Could never drive with boot
Oh, you was asking about automatics, I thought that was what you bought.
How long will you be in the boot?

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