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Should I Get An Apple Watch

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Raidergal2022 | 21:32 Tue 22nd Aug 2023 | Body & Soul
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Has anyone got one? I do want one for the health and running data

However it might feed into my health anxiety as I have these episodes where I feel I’m not breathing right/running out of air (anxiety apparantly)

Has the Apple Watch been useful to you or is it one of those things that people like the novelty of, use for a few weeks then stop using?


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Love mine but for a health record?
Question Author
Bobbi it measures health stats too doesn’t it
It is very expensive, so you can do without it.
If you want a health monitoring device, it is very good, but not really of any real life use.
It will only give you something else to worry about so I wouldn't bother but as it seems you like to revel in anxiety perhaps go ahead.
Probably better off with a potato clock.
Is that ^^^ Bob Newhart? Wow...he was funny as hell, loved him when I was young.
I think you would become obsessed with your health and it would do you no good.

If it told you that you didn't get enough sleep what are you going to do about it?
Would you feel guilty if you didn't reach your exercise target that day?

If you don't record your exercise regime now you don't need an Apple watch.
If you believe a fitness tracker would be beneficial there are cheaper and better options.
You can turn your phone into an exercise and sleep tracker and pair it with a cheap heart rate monitor.
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That’s true Gromit at the end of the day people do buy them for the novelty. I do run now and again but have an old Garmin watch for that.

I know what you mean Lankeela people do revel in them as they boast the latest technology etc

Thanks Barry yes they can add more pressure in a way it makes me wonder how bad they are for kids too

Might just go and look at one and admire the technology
you need an apple i-phone
the combo is many hundreds of pounds and you can spent the money on something else

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Should I Get An Apple Watch

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