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How Do I Cope With A Weak Bladder?

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lynbrown | 08:38 Mon 24th Apr 2023 | Body & Soul
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Anyone offer any help/tips?


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Have you tried kegel exercises? Maybe kegel balls would help.
If you have urgency speak to your GP, there is medication that can help with that.
Don't stray far from a toilet?
You will get good advice here but also speak to your GP
Cranberry juice apparently.
Speak to your gp, ask for a referral to an incontinence clinic, lots of reasons so lots of treatment options but sometimes it takes a bit of investigating. In the mean time just do lots of pelvic floor exercises and try to avoid keep fit classes... Those star jumps are a nightmare...
What do you mean by weak bladder - stress incontinence, urge incontinence, no incontinence but always needing to go, little and often? They all can have different causes.
Prudie's right. Lots of causes - if female then childbirth can cause later weakness. (In France all women after childbirth get free physio sessions.) There are exercises - but this may not be appropriate.

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How Do I Cope With A Weak Bladder?

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