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drobi619 | 15:34 Tue 07th Feb 2023 | Body & Soul
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Here me out and let me know what you think of this schedule idea. So I mostly work evening for my job and was wondering if I should plan my day accordingly in where I only do chores and such between 9am-4pm Monday to Friday. Then all the rest of the time that is not my 5pm-10pm job would be spent doing my hobbies and anything els I need to do in a day like reading, working out, and so on. This means that my weekend days would be free and my days off will have free nights. Here is an example of what a work day would be.
6:30am wake up
6:45 morning routine
7:30 breakfast
9am chores/computer work
12pm lunch
1pm chores/computer work
4pm commute
5pm work
10pm commute
11:30 bedtime
12:15 sleep

Non work days these are in the schedule
4pm free time/exercise
6pm dinner
7pm free time/reading
10:15 bedtime
10:45 sleep

9am free time/exercise
1pm free time/read

Please let me know what you think of my schedule. I only shared examples of three different days that occur multiple times a week


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My thoughts are I'm glad you put this in Body & Soul because you are so obsessed with schedules I think you have a touch of OCD that needs addressing. The schedule itself? It's everyday and boring and not worth sharing.
Oh dear. I have no routine at all since retiring. Why would I?
Actually I didn't have any schedules before retiring, only the required work schedules.
I said similar when OP originally posted this and education? I think...
I like to be spur of the moment. Planning guarantees nothing will happen.
Sounds OK, just don't be too rigid, things happen so don't be upset if it disturbs your schedule

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