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crosspatch65 | 17:18 Sat 25th Jun 2022 | Body & Soul
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My doctors surgery say I cannot order a repeat prescription for Co-codamol 30mg.I need a review. I have had back trouble for quite a number of years. I accept the tablets do not mend the symptoms but do make it bearable as we like to have local walks. I had a back xray recently but was told its just wear and tear. No treatment suggested.
Has anyone had similar experience with Co-codamol?/ What medication is a good alternative.
I also suspect I may have Parkinson's , I have shaking hands, I am waiting for an appointment for Neurologist but have been given date 14/02/2023.


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I suppose Co Codamol does relieve your pain, but you don't say how often you need to take it.
Contact your GP, explain the situation and ask for the review to be expedited.

The other alternative is for you to take Nsaids (non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs e.g Ibuprofen Diclofenac or Naproxen.

Shouldn't be a problem.
You can't get diclofenac tablets any longer. They are 'Banned'.
...delisted, not banned.
Right Tilly, thank you.
I agree Sqad.

I think you contact the GP surgery, do the meeting they want (telephone consultation, visit, fill out form: whatever they want) and explain

ALot of people take co codamol long time.

just go for the review? then you wont need an alternative.
if you dont have anything left, and need something now, take plain paracetamol where you would normally take co-codamol (not as well as)
Question Author
Thank you for your suggestions, I will see what they have to say.
I will let you know the outcome. I can see why we see such alot of people on mobility scooters, I dont want to get that way.
Best wishes Anne
Just because they want a review doesn't mean you can't have it anymore. It's quite normal to have repeat prescriptions reviewed periodically before you can carry on ordering online isn't it? Certainly has happened to me in the past.
Because Co-Codamol can be addictive, I tend to use Ibuprofen for my aches and pains in my knees and back.

At a pinch, have you thought of Solpadein? Very effective, but use only when you need it, as it too can become addictive. Used to be prescription only, but now you can buy it off the shelf.
Co-codamol comes in 3 strengths with 8, 15 or 30 mg of codeine. Only the highest strength needs a prescription.

Solpadeine is essentially the same but with 12.8 mg of codeine.
We have a medication review every year. Doesn’t change anything, I believe it’s just something the GPs have to do.
Just do the review and you’ll be able to get repeat prescriptions of what you need.
I expect the GPs get paid per review, Vagus? 100 reviews = 1 BMW.

Dunno jno, but it does make sense to review long term repeat prescriptions periodically for various reasons.
To quote Sqad ‘its no big deal’
My GP phoned to do a review & started to list my meds. I stopped her & said I was fine with everything I was taking. End of review!
I take cocodamol and nefopam for my arthritic hip, have done for some months now. They dull the pain, dr tried me on dihydrocodeine with the nefopam but they made me feel awful and helped even less than cocodamol. Dr advised me against long term use of ibuprofen as it can cause stomach problems in older people. I have blood tests to check kidney function.
I take 30mg solublue co-codamol long term - my doctor just repeats it,but I don’t take it every day.
davebro, the 15/500 strength co-codamol tablets also need a prescription from a medical professional. It has done since its introduction in the UK, which was relatively recently.

8/500 co-codamol is currently listed in the BNF as a PoM medicine too and its status is under review

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Alternative To Co-Codamol 30Mg

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