Job Pushing Me To Work With Covid

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ACLDJ | 19:50 Wed 18th May 2022 | Body & Soul
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I've got covid, had it for more than a week but only 2 shifts that I wasn't on pre-planned holiday time for. The work I do makes it impossible for me to work away from people, working with customers and colleagues and they've stopped supplying masks. My work is really trying to push me into working (I don't get sick pay, so that's not the issue.) They've said "it's just a cold" on the phone and have been quite frustrated that I've called in for it. Everytime I think about it I get lightheaded, even if I'm sitting or laying down. I don't want to cause trouble at work but I can't live with putting that many people at risk; especially knowing how many people I work with that are higher risk. It's making me feel crazy. Like the past two years were just my imagination and I'm overreacting and being dramatic. What can I do?


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PS: As your illness occurred (in part) during time when you were booked to be on holiday leave, you're entitled to state that the relevant period was sick leave and then take your holiday leave at a later date.

Further, even though your employer doesn't provide sick pay, if you've been off work sick for four or more days in row (including days when you wouldn't be at work anyway, such as weekends or other rest days), you then automatically become eligible for Statutory Sick Pay of £99.35 per week, commencing from day 4 of your illness.
It’s difficult as over the past few years we have had it drilled in to avoid a deadly virus at all costs. Now suddenly by deliberately being around people we are asked to behave in in the opposite way.

I would either say I’m too unwell to go in (covid symptoms can suddenly worsen) or go in and make sure you wear a mask/have hand gel etc.

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Job Pushing Me To Work With Covid

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