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Temperature Change Causing Runny Nose.

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chrissa1 | 22:52 Mon 01st Nov 2021 | Body & Soul
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Ever time the temperature changes in my home I get a runny nose and sneezing. Is there anyway to combat this?


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god dammit I keep on thinking you are running the temp.
no - it is the dust
Question Author
This is an extremely common occurance and is just an exaggerated response to a normal physiological occurance.

Your nose doesn't like extremes of temperatures or sudden changes of temperatures and reacts accordingly...blocks,runs and sneezes.

It's called....non allergic vasomotor rhinitis.

What can you do about it? Do you need to do anything about it?

Living in an equitable temperature is not always practicable particularly with central heating during the winter months.

Decongestant and steroid nasal sprays are an option if your nasal problem is adversely affecting your quality of life.

That's it.
Question Author
Thanks, sqad.
So anti histamines don't work then, Sqad. I wondered why none of them worked. Glad Charissa posted this question. I was told it was allergic rhinitis. Every time the weather changes it happens to me and my nose is always cold.

Chrissa, I find the best thing is a salt water spray called Sterimar.
No pat, they dont work because it's not an allergy.
Some nasal sprays used for Hay fever and allergies are Corticosteroid nasal sprays. These do reduce inflammation even if not caused by an allergen. I'm not a doctor or medical internet surfer, I am prescribed a Corticosteroid nasal spray due to having had nasal polyps. Unlike other nasal sprays Corticosteroids have to be taken regularly for at least 2 weeks before you may see any difference, then once or twice a day thereafter. Seems pretty drastic though to medicate just because you house is the wrong temperature.
Unfortunately the steroid nasal sprays dry my nose out and cause sore and bloody nostrils. Was advised by gp to stop using.

////^I'm not a doctor /////

I don't believe that as I am Stretham you are medically qualified, winner of beauty contests and now living your be a shepherdess.

Streatham should read "sure that".
Sqad, you have outed me -Damn- :o)

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Temperature Change Causing Runny Nose.

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