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Barsel | 17:41 Wed 27th Oct 2021 | Body & Soul
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Have just had my annual MOT at the GP's and some of the cholesterol results have come back as abnormal. I can access results online.

Are they particularly bad enough for me to go on tablets or can I bring these figures down by diet?

If yes, what would I need to cut down on? TIA.

Serum Cholesterol 6.1

Serum Triglycerides 1.9

Serum LDL Cholesterol level 3.8

Serum Cholesterol/HDL ratio 4.4.


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This might be a useful starting point:
(In particular, see the 'food' and 'recipes' links at the foot of the page).

This also appears to be relevant to your question:
Question Author
Thanks for the link Chris.
I will read through them and make some notes.
GP hasn't phoned me about the results and don't know if he will, but he's tried to get me on tablets in the past and I keep resisting.
If you do not change your diet drastically after resisting the prescription I believe you will succumb to the consequences
Lifestyle changes are required swiftly
I read recently that there is a correlation between taking statins and being less prone to bad covid.
Those results are a little high but no big deal and nothing to worry about.

You haven't mentioned if your family or you have had a history of heart disease or strokes.

Either way, the choice that I see it is statins or no statins and either decision would be the right decision.

If your family and you have had no heart disease, I would stay off statins.

Diet........I don't think it would make any difference.

Take the advice of your GP.
Question Author
Stickybottle, do you feel my results are quite bad?
Question Author
Thanks Sqad. No heart or stroke problems in my family or myself.
If my GP does get in touch, I will take his advice although I was hoping not to have to take yet another tablet.
Atheist That wouldn't be enough of a reason for me to take them.
Barsel, I agree that it would be nicer not to have to take another tablet, but..
I was targeted and led into tablet use. First blood thinners because of an unprovoked DVT; then statins because of cholesterol; then tabs to help reduce BP. Now I feel comfortable with them (although I'd prefer not to need them).
And I also need three eyedrops for glaucoma. 6 meds a day. But I'm not blind; my BP is OK; Chol is OK; I bleed like a pig whenever I self-harm (joke!).
I'm alive and still writing after all these years.
If lots of exercise and a good diet could make your chol numbers good, then that would be great. But I would do what my Sqad recommended.
Best wishes.

I haven't had an mot from my doctor in years.
Question Author Stickybottle, do you feel my results are quite bad?

As Sqad has said
But if not able to make the dietary changes you would be wise to use the medication on offer I reckon
Just going on past experiences with my Dad
Question Author
Thanks for all your answers.
I'm going to try and make the dietary changes, there are quite a few things I can change or add to my diet and will see how I go with that.

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Abnormal Cholesterol

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